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4 Trending Courses In Product Management

Knoma's pick of the top 4 product management courses on the market right now.

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4 Trending Courses In Product Management


April 06, 2022


Tom Taraniuk

No matter your experience and level of education, upskilling is essential to keep pace with a rapidly evolving world. Not only will you benefit directly, but your new-found skills will also boost your team and your company.

Upskilling lets you learn new skills or expand your knowledge in certain areas -- supplementing your existing skills and keeping you at the leading edge of your chosen career path. Whether you are an established leader keen on lifelong learning or someone starting out and looking to gain an advantage over other candidates, upskilling is a smart way to go.

One profession that moves particularly quickly, and therefore demands constant learning, is Product Management. If you are in, or considering, jobs such as Product Manager, Product Owner, Product Marketing Manager, or Growth Manager then Knoma has four courses that come highly recommended.

These courses are ideal for people trying to learn more about product management, improve their daily processes, or upskill to keep abreast of the latest tech developments. And for those who don't have thousands of pounds to splash all at once, Knoma makes it possible for you to pay for these courses in regular instalments.

Course 1: Product Management at AllWomen


Want to dive deeper into product management and really get to grips with what it is and how to do it? This course might just be the answer. Ideal for female product managers and product owners, this course takes you through the whole cycle of becoming a good product manager, so you learn how to bring new products and experiences to market.

The course gives you evidence-based coursework to teach you how to create product frameworks and presentations. Each of the 10 units delivers a different aspect of product management, and holistically provides the student with an understanding of how to frame problems, brainstorm solutions, and pitch them to their team.

There are no prerequisites for this course, and it's easy to get access to it. It takes 100 hours to complete, and can be undertaken part-time and fully remote, making it convenient for those who are managing projects but still want to upskill.


For £2,650, you get access to this full-stack course. If you pay with Knoma, you can break up your payments to be billed monthly. You can calculate how many months you want to spend paying for the course, and the amount will be estimated for you.

Key Skills

The main skills you'll develop when taking this course are:

  1. Building business case studies
  2. Understanding target markets
  3. Product management skills
  4. Experience methodology
  5. Technical and competitive knowledge

Course 2: Certificate in Product Management at Duke

If you're looking to create more opportunities for yourself in the world of product management, then securing certification is the best route. This will show employers that you have the necessary skills and expertise to manage their products from start to finish.

Ideal for product managers, product marketing managers, or growth managers, this course has a specific focus on building product roadmaps enabling you to manage product development from conception to completion. On top of this, you'll learn about prototyping and product analysis from industry experts, gaining practical skills in managing product development.

To qualify for this course, you need a bachelor's degree. A part-time course, it takes 60 hours to complete


For £2,599, you get access to 13 units with a final capstone project to give you some practical experience in implementing the principles you've learned. Through Knoma, if you prefer to make monthly payments of about seven months, you'll pay about £216 per month.

Key Skills

You'll gain skills in managing product development, including:

  1. Product development planning
  2. User design
  3. Market research
  4. Analytics
  5. Growth Engagement

Course 3: Part-Time Product Management at CodeOp

Product management is one of the fastest-growing fields in tech, and this course, inspired by the heart of Silicon Valley, will help you to develop your product management skills and mindset to think innovatively. Ideal for product managers or product owners who want to delve deeper into market strategies, the course will empower you with ways to find innovative solutions to any product problem.

The course takes a 360-degree approach to product management, so you'll learn to work cross-functionally, and you'll get to grips with creating and testing hypotheses, scoping your MVP, and leveraging analytics for product reviews. At the end of the course, you'll undertake a capstone project to showcase lessons learned.

There aren't any qualification prerequisites. The course can be undertaken completely remotely and part-time requiring 60 hours.


For £1,550, you'll have access to 10 units along with a final capstone project. If you pay with Knoma, you can break up the payment in small installments of as little as £129 per month.

Key Skills

The main skills you'll obtain are:

  1. Validating product hypotheses
  2. Collaborating with stakeholders
  3. Market strategies
  4. Agile Delivery
  5. Go-to-marketing strategies
  6. Product design principles

Course 4: Product Strategy & Management at Experience Haus

Looking to upskill as a product manager? This could be one for you. This course promises to help you delve deeper into product development and product management principles. With a focus on Project Risk, Customer Development and product management analysis, it shows you how to approach product development from scratch and apply important concepts for your product strategy.

With this course under your belt, you'll be able to manage product development from the ground up, including researching the potential market and the type of users the product targets. As long as you are passionate about improving your product manager skills, you qualify for this course. This course takes five months to complete.


For £3,550, you'll get access to plenty of Units. If you pay with Knoma over 12 months, you can pay under £80 per month in regular instalments.

Key Skills

Some of the main skills you'll develop are:

  1. Product delivery
  2. Market Strategies
  3. Product metrics and smart KPIs
  4. Agile delivery
  5. User research
  6. Product design Principles

Ready to get started?

Find out more about how you might be able to kick-start your journey into Product Management with Knoma here.

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