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We help learners find and finance courses at institutions like yours.

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CodeClan is Scotland's first and only SQA accredited digital skills academy on a mission to help bridge the digital s...

Code Nation

Code Nation is a Software Development apprenticeship provider and coding school with a unique business-led approach. ...

Speedy Mentors

Speedy Mentors connects mentees to mentors who are active in the IT field. What makes our platform and service unique...

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Boost enrollments

Lowering your barrier to entry means more people may benefit from your courses, whilst boosting diversity too.

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Get paid upfront

Your learners pay later, but you receive the money upfront. In fact, you’ll receive it within 24 hours of them being approved.

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Remove risk

We take on the risks associated with loans, like late payments, so that you can focus on delivering life-changing learning.

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Get your courses discovered by potential learners who are looking to train. Lifelong learners and the career-curious come to Knoma to find the courses they need to get – and stay – ahead.

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Fair, compassionate finance

Lower the barrier to entry for your potential students by offering interest-free finance through Knoma. Learners gain access to a life-changing course. You maximise enrolments. And it improves social equity while closing the skills gap, too.

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Humanity is reliant on tech, but tech is vulnerable to cyber attacks. As cyber threats grow, demand for cyber skills is increasing. It can be an intellectually stimulating and thoroughly rewarding career choice.quote-end icon

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Tom Meehan

CTO – Knoma

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