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Cancellation & Refund Policy

If the Borrower (the student) has questions about cancelling an educational course, they should contact the Supplier (the Education Provider) directly. Knoma cannot contact the Supplier on their behalf and cancellation is subject to the Supplier's cancellation and refund policy.

If the Borrower does decide to cancel their course and has made a request to cancel directly to the Supplier, they should let us know as soon as possible by contacting us at 0800 037 0289 or emailing us (Knoma) at [email protected] We will then speak to the Supplier directly to confirm that the Borrower has requested to cancel their course.

If the Supplier does agree to cancel the Borrower’s course and issues a full or partial refund, that refund will be processed by the Supplier and issued directly to Knoma. We will use that refund to pay off their outstanding balance as soon as we receive it from the Supplier.

If the refund Knoma receives from the Supplier is less than the total outstanding balance under this Agreement at that point, the Borrower will still have to pay Knoma the remainder of the outstanding balance that the Borrower owes. If this happens, Knoma will reduce the Monthly Instalments that the Borrower is required to pay for the rest of the duration of this Agreement to reflect the refund that we have applied to the Borrower's outstanding balance. If the Supplier does not issue a refund, the Borrower's Agreement with us will continue as normal.