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8 Highest-Paying Job Ideas For Career Changers

When you think about your dream job, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

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8 Highest-Paying Job Ideas For Career Changers


July 19, 2022


Brett Shanley

When you think about your dream job, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For most people, a good salary is at the top of their list. While there are plenty of factors to consider on your future career path, greater financial stability is one of the top reasons people choose to pursue some of these fields.

High-paying jobs offer you a greater chance of long-term financial success. With more pay each month, you can save more and plan for your future. Even an entry-level job in the right field can double someone’s earnings.

As you explore your career options, here are seven of the highest paying jobs on the market right now. And the best part? You can launch a career path for any one of them today on Knoma.

1. Project Manager

Project management is both a skill and profession. It’s a multifaceted approach to goal setting and achievement that can be applied to any field. There are project managers in construction, healthcare, marketing, and more.

Project managers plan, organise, delegate, and execute strategies from completing particular projects. This could be something like installing a new company-wide software, developing a website or mobile application, overseeing the design of a new house or building, or overseeing marketing campaigns.

A project manager tends to collaborate with people from various teams within an organization. Usually, this is done by following a project management methodology such as agile, scrum, learn, and waterfall.

Because they’re so integral to the daily operations and growth of a company, project managers are both highly valued and well-paid.

Based on the latest data from Indeed, the average UK project manager’s salary is £44,353. Mid-level and senior project managers can earn between £50,000 to over £63,000 per year.

Learn more: Project Management Professional (PMP) Course Collection

2. Web/Software Developer

Software developers and web developers are integral to modern society. Every business needs a website, and mobile applications are in more demand than ever. This means software developers and web developers are some of the most sought-after professionals in tech.

Although there may be a lot of competition, it’s also a highly flexible field that gives you ample opportunity to personalise your career path.

You may decide to go for front-end development, which focuses on the look and layout of a website. Or, you could specialise in back-end development, which is behind-the-scenes, data and server-related programming.

Software developers can also work exclusively on mobile, building the latest and greatest apps that run on Android or iOS. They also develop intricate programs that can power entire organisations.

According to Glassdoor, the average web developer in the UK earns £42,818. Senior web developers earn £57,269 on average, and some may earn even higher depending on their years of experience and skill set.

Reed reports that the average UK software developers earn an average salary of £49,240, but their earnings can range between £40,385 to £66,959.

Ready to learn more? Explore 130 development bootcamps and training courses now.

3. Data Scientist

A data scientist uses their logical and analytical abilities to decipher large quantities of code. They draw conclusions, make predictions, and inform companies on the best course of action to take based on data they’ve collected.

Mobile apps and websites generate vast amounts of data for companies. The data scientist knows how to interpret this data into meaningful results. Their findings can help shape a company’s growth strategy, inform them what their audience wants, and help them improve their overall product or service.

If you have a love for math and science, like working with technology, and enjoy simplifying complex things, then this could be the ideal career path for you.

Recommended reading: How to Become a Data Scientist

Data scientists are one of the fastest growing professionals in the UK. Reed reveals that a data scientist in the UK earns an average salary of £79,551; according to their research, senior-level data scientists earn an average of £163,583 annually.

Learn more through our data science courses.

4. Cloud Architect

The cloud needs architects to develop a company’s cloud computing strategy. As organisations transition more to the cloud each year, they need cloud experts to help keep their data and optimise it for performance.

A cloud architect works in cloud computing services like Microsoft Azure and AWS to design, develop, and deploy could infrastructures. They also work with a host of automation tools to write scripts and unique programs for their employers.

As one of the leading tech experts in 2022, cloud architects are high earners. According to Glassdoor, the average cloud architect in the UK earns £90,099 per year with a base pay of £78,950.

Reed projects the annual earnings of a cloud architect slightly higher with an average pay of £98,976 annually. Current job listings on Reed pay between £78,286 and £132,448.

Learn more about becoming a cloud architect with the AWS Cloud Architect training program.

5. UX Designer

A user experience (UX) designer oversees the conception of a user’s experience with a product. They draw from the field of psychology to use programming and design skills in unique ways. They often ideate features and placement within a product, and they conduct tests to determine how usable a feature is and what changes need to be made to improve its utility for the user.

UX designers work closely with UI designers, who are responsible for designing the user interface of a website or mobile app.

UX designers are problem-solvers. They anticipate challenges users may experience, and they develop solutions to these issues through clean, smart design. In small organisations, one person may hold the role of both UX/UI designer.

According to Reed, the average salary for a UX designer is £47,658 to £54,553 per year. With more experience, you can qualify for higher-paying positions. Reed reports a high salary for this position to be £66,606, though there are positions open that go up to £156,000 per year.

You can start exploring user experience today through the UX Designer Professional Diploma program.

6. Cybersecurity Analyst

As a cybersecurity analyst, you could become an expert in digital threat protection and risk management. Cybersecurity analysts learn the intricate nature of network architecture and develop preventative measures to reinforce vulnerabilities.

In addition to preventing threats, these experts also develop rapid response strategies, recovery methods, and ensure their systems are always compliant with industry standards.

As the safeguards of a company’s most critical data, cybersecurity analysts are integral parts of the security and IT divisions. Glassdoor reveals the average cybersecurity analyst to be £62,158 annually, while top earners can receive £131,000 or more each year.

You’ll learn all about hacking, systems penetration, and cyber threats, as well as how to combat them, through an accredited training program. We suggest the Cybersecurity Analyst certificate through Learning People.

7. Product Manager

Product management is a fast-growing tech role that focuses on customer satisfaction, product development, and hypotheses testing.

Product management is an interesting field that rests comfortably between technology and user experience. Essentially, the product manager collaborates with business leaders, developers, and designers to make the most effective decisions for consumers and companies alike.

They help streamline the product lifespan, and they can be key players in finalising product design before development begins. Throughout your job training, you’ll learn how to develop a product hypothesis, how to test it, and how to transform customer feedback into marketable business decisions.

Despite being a relatively recent field, product managers earn an average salary of £49,830. Senior product managers can earn between £66,575 to £86,000 annually. These figures come from the latest information on Glassdoor (July 2022).

You can learn more about product management in the CodeOp Product Management online course.

8. Financial Planner

Do you have a keen eye for numbers? Do you actually enjoy budgeting and figuring out new ways to save money? Certifications in accounting and trading can prepare you for an entry level job in finance.

You would work in-house as a financial planner, helping a company strategise and keep track of its expenses. Or you could work as a consultant, helping numerous clients from various backgrounds get a hold of their business’s budgets and make the best decisions for their companies.

More than just money experts, financial planners are expert strategists and advisors. They enjoy providing customer service as much as financial counselling to their clients.

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a financial planner in the UK is £64,381. Career trajectories show earnings can reach up to £116K.

Explore the Accounting Level 3 Diploma offered by one of our first-ever partners, Hudson.

How to Choose a New Career Path

It’s easiest to find an industry with transferable skills — that is, one you already have skills to succeed in, or one that prepares you with skills that apply to multiple fields. This gives you more options and flexibility.

You don’t need a bachelor’s degree to find a high paying job, either. Today, you can train for a new career online with remote courses taught by industry leaders.

By choosing an online course, you gain access to a professional network and expert instructors, right from the comfort of home. You’ll also get to study at your own place, building a future you’re proud of without compromising your current job.

Whether you’re opting for a better salary, work-life balance, or job satisfaction, your dream job is out there. We’re eager to help you find it. Explore the Knoma Marketplace for hundreds of career training courses today.

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