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Ten Tech Careers You Can Do Remotely In 2021

Remote working is on the rise, especially in tech. Here are 10 roles you can do from of home.

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Ten Tech Careers You Can Do Remotely In 2021


May 25, 2022


Ruth Ng

Remote working has been a growing trend over the years, but the Covid-19 pandemic has made it mandatory. The tech industry, in particular, has plenty of telecommuting opportunities both for working and learning. Platforms like offer hundreds of tech courses for reskilling and upskilling, so remote tech careers are now within reach for anyone interested in the field.

People with creative problem-solving skills can jump right into tech careers of their choice, either for a career change or career advancement. The beauty of remote tech jobs is that they only require a device with access to the internet. Meaning, you can do them from home offices or any other ideal location. Best of all, it is possible to find a unique, challenging niche that combines passion in technology with a very sustainable income.

Here are the top 10 highly rewarding and fully remote tech jobs to get started.

1. Web Development

A web developer builds websites and applications using programming languages such as Python, PHP, Ruby for the back end, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML coding for the front end of web-based solutions. These websites can be for personal or commercial use. Therefore, web development skills apply to virtually any industry as businesses prioritise their online presence due to the pandemic. Jobs under web development may be titled as front-end developer, JavaScript developer, WordPress developer, Python developer, or Ruby developer, depending on the employer's specific web development needs.

2. Web Design

A web designer combines programming with graphic design skills to build beautiful, interactive websites. Web designers create features like infographics, logos, fonts, icons, templates, and animations, which means that Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator software, among others, are part of their toolbox. Web designers can work individually as freelancers or as part of an in-house team of creatives, but either way, you can become one and operate from any location.

3. UX/UI Design

UX stands for user experience, UI for user interface, and both focus on how end-users interact with digital content. A UX/UI designer conducts tests and research into websites, apps, and digital products to improve the end-user experience and guarantee customer satisfaction. Great UX/UI makes web browsing and app use faster and easier and encourages users to return to these digital products for reference, purchases, or recommendations, translating into higher web traffic and brand loyalty.

4. Software Development

A software developer or engineer creates the technology which runs on devices such as computers or smartphones. Successful software developers know data analytics, computer science, and engineering and find sustainable work in manufacturing, system design companies, and software publishers worldwide. Tech startups also need software engineers to create and test proprietary systems, which puts them on the cutting edge of technology today.

5. Systems Administration

System administrators are in charge of acquiring, installing, maintaining, and upgrading computer systems. A sysadmin also monitors servers, conducts routine backups, and creates or terminates user accounts, which plays a significant role in human resource management when new recruits join the organization's system. This is a crucial tech industry job in terms of combating cyberattacks, so even though many tasks in system administration can operate independently, human expertise is still very much required to oversee system activity.

6. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is increasingly becoming a priority today as businesses take advantage of social media to drive their advertising campaigns. A digital marketer is an expert in using online platforms to promote a brand or product. Key skills in digital marketing include search engine optimsation (SEO), email marketing, social media management, pay-per-click advertising, influencer marketing, and exceptional communication skills. Digital marketers understand online content use trends, audience personas, and brand building to create loyal customers. They also perform data analytics to interpret dashboards and present actionable recommendations that drive digital advertising campaigns.

7. Quality Assurance Management

A quality assurance manager uses their foundation in technology and a keen eye for detail to design and test software and systems to ensure they meet performance and compliance standards. The role of QA is to identify and fix bugs, provide documentation for their processes, and contribute to digital policies to govern apps and websites. Ideally, the more types of programs and applications that a QA manager knows, the better their tech industry career options.

8. IT Project Management

IT project managers are team leaders who coordinate the work of web developers, UX/UI designers, and other tech professionals in meeting the goals of a project. IT projects include digital transformations, cloud migrations, website redesigns, cybersecurity testing, and end-user support. The IT project manager usually reports to the top management as well, so excellent communication skills are required to include non-tech managers in IT projects. Knowledge in remote collaborative platforms is also necessary to manage teams in different locations.

9. Online Education

Anyone with expertise in any tech subject can turn that knowledge into an online course or e-learning material. This is one way to make extra income by creating tutorial videos and e-books and partnering with online learning platforms. Courses in web design, fullstack development, social media management, digital marketing, programming languages, data science, product manager, and other tech industry topics are gaining popularity with the growing need for reskilling and upskilling. Educational background is helpful but not entirely necessary to venture into online education.

10. Technical Writing

There are numerous technical writing opportunities for individuals with strong writing skills and knowledge in technical or complex systems. A technical writer breaks down the highly specialised language into simplified instructions or explainers, so their skills are essential in writing help articles, white papers, product manuals, or tech reviews. This career also includes creating illustrations, proofreading, editing, and conducting tests and research to turn technical jargon into layman's language for everyday use.

Next Steps

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