Product Strategy & Management

Part Time 8 Weeks Online

What will I learn?

  • Role of a Product Manager (stakeholder management, being the voice of the customer)
  • Process and Frameworks (product development cycles, Agile, Lead, Waterfall)
  • Customer Development (developing personas, conducting user research, working with Product/UX designers)
  • Project Risks (identifying and mitigating risks)
  • Market Research (direct vs indirect competitors, competitor analysis frameworks, market positioning)
  • Business Model Design (understanding business models, developing a new product)
  • Minimal Viable Product
  • Metrics and KPIs
  • Features and Roadmaps
  • Pricing
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Understanding Technology


Our Product Strategy and Management course is perfect for UX or UI designers getting into true Product Design, Product Managers fast-tracking their careers and anyone who wants to understand the product development lifecycle. Enjoy a mixture of lectures and workshops where you'll apply your learnings to your real client project.Real client brief and check-ins. Under the guidance of our expert practitioner instructors, you will be given a real-life client brief to tackle during the course. You will work in small teams on a live client brief from a local startup or small business - this will be an end-to-end case study that can be added to your portfolio and assist in the job search. Showcase your development by delivering a presentation to your client summarising your journey, process, and final outcomes.Live workshops, not pre-recordedUnlike other courses, there is no pre-recorded content in sight! Our live workshops allow students to ask questions, debate ideas, co-create and get live feedback on their projects.Small class sizes. Our Product Strategy and Management classes are capped at 15 students to allow the instructor to spend more time with each student discussing key concepts, giving feedback on their project and answer any questions students may have.

What are the requirements?

Although there are no prerequisites to take the Product Strategy and Management course, having a keen interest in strategy definitely helps. There is no need to have any knowledge of particular software as you will be taught everything along the way.

Knoma's take

If you're looking for a specialist in Product Design, UX or UI, we love Experience Haus' approach. They collaborate with exciting local businesses for an immersive experience with real client projects to work on. Plus, the learning environment isn't a school – it's actually a leading design studio (though many courses are online). We're impressed by how career-centric their approach is.

Experience Haus

Experience Haus provides practitioner taught technical skills training for professionals and organisations covering an abundance of digital disciplines. In the wake of expensive living costs, low cost education is essential. Consequently, we are dedicated to delivering valuable education at a low-cost. The company's offering of events, part-time courses and hands-on work...
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£950 interest free loan from Knoma over 12 months

Key skills

Product management Project management Stakeholder management Working as a team
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