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Most Popular Coding Databases In 2021

In this blog, we look at the 5 most popular coding databases available for developers.

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Most Popular Coding Databases In 2021


January 05, 2022


Tom Meehan

What Are Coding Databases?

A database is a necessity when it comes to coding. It can be seen as a directory of files, where project documents are stored safely. Every organisation needs a database to help them stock and organize information. Yet, the type of database chosen is important, as the stored information can be sensitive. As such, you should take great care with the type of database chosen.

To help you with the coding database selection process, we’ve listed 5 of the most popular coding databases below in 2021 below.


Oracle is one of the most popular relational database management systems (RDBMS) that’s written in C, C++, and Java languages. As a powerful and secure coding database with well-structured documents, it also takes up less storage space and is quick to process data.

Amongst its most notable features, Oracle provides cloud functionality, scalability, security, data warehouse, and key-value storage.

Mongo DB

MongoDB is a cross-platform NoSQL database. Similar to Oracle, it’s written in C, C++, and JavaScript programming languages. This coding database can be used for mobile apps, IoT, and real-time analytics. Hence, it can provide you with an up-to-date, real-time view of your data.

This coding database has many features. These include its ability to support JSON, easy administration when failures occur, simple data migration, deployment flexibility, and easy scalability.


IBM DB2 is a well-known database that supports relational models, with recent updates including non-relational structures such as XML and JSON. Additionally, this coding database allows you to handle and structure complex data.

IBM DB2 also includes cloud support, the ability to handle most data science languages, easy installation, and multiple server editions catering to various tasks.


MySQL is one of the more popular RDBMS and is used by tech companies such as Adobe, Google, and Twitter. It adopts structured query language such as C and C++, with its various versions (e.g., Classic Edition, Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition) having different features for various purposes.

This coding database offers features such as flexibility, full-text search, stored procedures, support for large databases, and high performance.

Microsoft SQL Server

Launched in 1989, this coding database is amongst the most popular ones, supporting C and C++ as well as a structured query language. With multiple editions available (e.g., Azure SQL Database, Compact edition, Developer edition), it has many different forms.

Amongst its features, Microsoft SQL Server offers high performance, data compression techniques to reduce storage requirements, row-level security, and custom-built graphical integrations.

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