I am an education provider can I call you for help?

Absolutely! Please give us a call on 0800 037 0289 and one of our friendly support team will assist you.

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When is the Knoma App being released?

The Knoma development team are working on this as we speak. Knoma aims to release the App by February 2020. If you have any suggestions for features, which you would like to see in the App please get in touch.

I am an education provider how do I cancel an existing order?

1.  Log in to your Partner Account (Knoma) you will need login credentials these are usually set up at the time of account creation for you.

2.  Locate the order you wish to modify using order number (partial or full refunds accepted)

3.  Key in the refund amount

4.  Done!  We take care of the rest, money is returned to the card used for payment straight away and we send an email to the user to let them know.

What happens if I can''t find my chosen course or provider on the Knoma Marketplace?

Knoma is working hard to partner with all leading technology and coding schools. We are constantly adding new partners and new courses. But, please reach out and let us know who you would like to study with.

I am an education provider how do I get into the Knoma marketplace?

All education partners of Knoma will automatically be added to the Knoma Marketplace. However, the Knoma Marketplace has the following asset specification, which we will request if these have not already been supplied:

1. 270 x 270px campaign image

2. Vector logo file

 3. A link to your homepage

 These can be sent over to us at support@knoma.io. Please note, if you do not have a design resource to resize an image in-house, then they can send us a large image and we will resize it for you. Same goes for the logo, if you do not have a vector then a large jpeg or png is fine.

I am an education provider how do I become a partner of Knoma?

Tell us a little bit about your organisation by completing our Partner Application Form. This is a very simple and quick form to complete. Our friendly support team will contact you shortly after submitting the form.


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Is it safe for my students?

We''ve worked hard to protect our customers. We''re a regulated company and are working with the best in tech to make sure our application process is safe and secure. 

I am a partner of Knoma. Where do I find the developer area to install the code on our checkout?

Checkout out partner and developer documentation


What is the partner eligibility criteria?

All partners must have the following characteristics:

  • Be operating in the UK
  • Delivering technology or coding related courses
  • Strong completion rates and job outcome rates with high levels of student satisfaction

I am an education provider, when do I get paid?

Settlement payments are triggered from the time the order is approved by Knoma and the user is accepted / approved you (the education provider). Settlement payments will be made based on the settlement processing time agreed (typically within 24 hours). An email is sent to the education partner account email address (if configured) summarising the total settlement payment amount to be paid. Emails are not sent if there are no amounts due to the education partner. Knoma merchant fees are calculated and deducted from the amount to be paid to the education partner at settlement. Settlement disbursement to education partners are made via Faster Payments or Card Payments.

I am a partner, why has my student been declined?

The most common reason for an application not being approved is due to following:

  • Poor credit rating
  • Not meeting affordability rules
  • Not passing identity checks

I am an education provider how do I modify an existing order?

We''re always happy to help with modifications to courses and orders. If you''d like to get in touch, please drop us a line here.

Where to go if I have a complaint?

We are sorry to hear you are unhappy with our services. Please send an email to complaint@knoma.io outlining your full complaint. We would love to hear from you and will aim to fix the situation. If you are still unhappy with our services and feel Knoma is unable to help, you can take your complaint directly to the Financial Ombudsman on 0800 023 4567 or via this link.