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We launch the careers of talented, ambitious, and diverse creators, passionate about building new worlds. Since 2015, we’ve supported over 5,000 creative professionals from over 95 different countries, to get paid for what they love. Photographers, art directors, fashion designers, stylists, we’re grateful for the opportunity to support so many talented creatives from so many different disciplines. Right now, we’re excited about identifying and training the ‘creators of the metaverse’. We’re on the cusp of a generational leap, as profound as the shift from desktops to smartphones, as new technologies like AR, VR, blockchain, and real-time 3D become mainstream. The companies and people harnessing these new tools are creating immersive experiences - literally new worlds - for us to connect, play and work in. We believe the metaverse offers tremendous possibilities for creators. The job and skills demand will be immense. The potential for meaningful work is incredible. The opportunity to ride the next big wave real. Our bootcamps have been designed to develop the artists and engineers who will build the metaverse. Our mission is to help them secure well-paid, purposeful jobs in immersive companies. In short, we want to shape the talent, who will shape our future world.

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We love Mastered's range of impactful, specialist bootcamps focussed on gaming and 3D worlds. You can specialise in topics like VR, Unity engine, 3D modelling or real-time art. All of their courses are industry-driven and career-focussed, and they guarantee support until you are employed. It's great to see their commitment to inclusion and their pioneering, future-oriented approach to training.

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