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Digital marketing changes everything. Commerce. Culture. Community. Then digital goes and changes itself. Staying relevant may be the biggest professional challenge of the 21st Century. The Digital Marketing Institute helps marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, career changers, graduates and upskillers to get in the digital marketing game - and stay in it. We work right at the meeting point of new tech and new ideas. Our online digital marketing and digital selling courses teach new best practices. They are informed by industry leaders and aligned with industry needs. We bring you the best digital smarts from this exciting edge of change – in fact, we are the change. Our courses and Member offering are defining new global standards. They are globally recognized by blue-chip employers, leading digital brands and Agencies, tech’s biggest players, universities and more. We give you a full set of digital powers to create strategic and powerful business channels and campaigns that take you to the right audience, growing your brand and bringing revenue home. But what we offer is also more than courses and skills. When you sign up for a course, you also become a Member of the DMI which means you can access the digital savvy of 47k alumni, white-hot insight from the digital zeitgeist and more ways to stay connected, stay relevant and stay in the game.

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They're the marketing specialists. With the Digital Marketing Institute, it isn't just about getting into marketing. It's also about staying relevant. At Knoma, we love this – we firmly agree with their ethos that lifelong learning is crucial in today's changing world. We think their courses are an excellent choice for marketers at any stage of their career.

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