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For Business

Learn how becoming a Knoma partner can help you boost enrolments and support diversity.

Advertise your course or bootcamp on the Knowledge Marketplace and boost enrolments

Boost enrolments

Knoma partners increase enrolments by 20-25%. That means more people can benefit from your courses, whilst boosting diversity too.

Get paid upfront

Your learners pay later, but you receive the money upfront. In fact, you’ll receive it within 24 hours of them being approved.

Remove risk

We take on the risks associated with loans, like defaults, so that you can focus on delivering life-changing learning.

Pay with Knoma

Your learners can pay with Knoma without leaving your site. Just install the Pay With Knoma button with two short snippets of code.

Install the Pay With Knoma button on your school's website

The Knowledge Marketplace

Advertise your courses on The Knowledge Marketplace and open up a whole new revenue stream.

Get your courses featured on the Knowledge Marketplace

Partner Portal

The Partner Portal helps you take control of your sales pipeline. Through the portal, you can track learners' applications, and application status, in real-time.

Boost and track course applications with the Knoma Partner Portal

Want to become a partner?

Knoma education partners need to meet the following criteria:

Group 39

You are an education provider delivering courses

Group 39

Your courses have high completion rates

Group 39

Your courses deliver results for your students (i.e. lead to employment, promotions, increases in wages or the ability to switch careers)

If you tick these boxes, Knoma would love to hear from you!

Occasionally we'd like to share new features to help you boost enrollments, and useful insights for schools. We'll never spam you. Promise.

Yes, count me in!