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Developers are the creative masterminds behind everything from your favourite computer game to your online banking app.

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What kinds of coding careers are there?

Coders are often called software developers or engineers. These are fancy terms for someone who writes code to build cool stuff.

The term encompasses people who build the parts of websites and apps that users can see (“front-end”), the bits you can’t (“back-end”), and those that do both (“full-stack”). There are also more specialised coding careers, such as AI, cyber security engineering, gaming or blockchain.

Learning to code isn’t just a useful skill for developers. It can be a valuable skill that sets people apart in other professions, such as marketing or UX design.

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Which coding careers are suited to me?

If you think of yourself as a visual person, you might prefer building things like websites or apps – interfaces that users interact with. These developers are often called “front-end”. Or, you might enjoy the “back-end”: writing the logic that makes tech work “behind the scenes”. People often start off thinking they’d prefer front-end, but often surprise themselves when they find how creative back-end development can be. And you don’t have to choose – if you enjoy both, you can become a “full-stack” developer.

You absolutely don’t need a technical background, and you don’t need to be good at maths. What you do need is decent problem-solving ability, and to be computer-literate.

Where could learning to code take me?

At a time in history when technology is literally defining what it means to be human, we think coding is one of the most exciting skills you can learn. Careers in development can be very fulfilling and creative, and coding skills are extremely in-demand. It is often financially rewarding too.

It’s also a thoroughly transferable skill. Coding skills are extremely useful in a number of fields, such as cyber security, UX design and marketing, as well as being a useful skill for the world of entrepreneurship and start-ups. The skill opens up a range of doors outside of the world of development.

Where could this career take me?

We’ve scoured the internet and found a whole heap of resources related to what life as a developer is really like. Take a look at the links below to see what we’ve found.


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Tech Career Development

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You don’t need a technical background to learn to code. People with all kinds of stories become coders. What unites them is the drive to learn.quote-end icon

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