Web Design

Part Time 6 Weeks Online

What will I learn?

Intro to Web: Learn the essential languages needed to create basic websites. Understand how to go online by demystifying the interaction between a developer, their coded files, servers, browsers and end-users. Give your site structure and meaning using HTML. Use CSS to display your site as a well-designed final product making use of images, fonts, colours and layout design.

Web Foundations: Understand the principles of how the world wide web works. Learn how to deploy your website to GitHub so that you can share and collaborate with others. Gain a deeper knowledge of how to code in HTML and CSS to build well-designed products.

Responsive Design: Learn about popular CSS frontend frameworks for building fully responsive websites utilizing best practices with a quick turnaround time. Understand how to create websites that work beautifully on mobile, desktop and tablet. Utilise css media queries to adaptively adjust the layout of your content based up different device widths.


Gain a solid foundation in web design to create beautifully crafted websites. Learn the essentials of HTML, CSS and Bootstrap to host your own digital resume.

This course is designed to give the foundational skills needed to design websites. The content includes HTML and CSS with a focus on making well-designed responsive websites easily using Bootstrap, a CSS framework. The final project is to take your digital resume to the next level with your design skills and deploy it on GitHub.

The online experience is self-paced, yet full of opportunities to interact with your classmates. You will be assigned an expert code coach who will be available to answer your questions and do 1-on-1 video calls with you. The course is full of videos, code demonstrations and practical challenges that will ensure you have the skills to design websites.

What are the requirements?

A computer and access to the internet. Give yourself about 10 hours/week to stay on track to complete the course in 6 weeks.

Knoma's take

Codespace are an internationally recognised and industry-driven coding school in South Africa. They offer a pretty broad choice of courses within coding, including introductory courses and deep-dives into topics like mobile, front-end and software engineering. As with any code school, hands-on projects are crucial. With Codespace, you'll complete plenty.


The CodeSpace Academy curriculum is focused on PHP; in addition to technical skills, students are taught soft skills necessary to become leaders in the tech industry. Academy students are trained to be dynamic and socially conscious problem solvers. They will learn critical and abstract thinking to address relevant issues. In addition to PHP, CodeSpace Academy students learn...
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£32 / month

£395 interest free loan from Knoma over 12 months

Key skills

HTML GitHub CSS CSS Media Queries Responsive Design
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