Voice Design

Part Time 6 Weeks Online

What will I learn?

Mastering Conversation Design: Acquire the skills needed to design industry leading conversations in voice.

Prototyping and Testing Voice Experiences: Create low and high fidelity voice prototypes and learn practical ways for usability testing voice experiences.

Advanced Topics In VUI: Learn best practices for advanced topics in voice, including multi-modal interactions and dealing with privacy and safety.

Evaluating Use Cases for Voice: Understand the benefits and limitations of voice and ensure you’re utilising it for the tasks that will provide real value to your users.

Deliverables for Certification: Learn how to produce all the deliverables required by Amazon to certify an enterprise level skill including voice user flows, scripts and account linking screens.

Development of Alexa Skills: Get a solid understanding of how Alexa skills are set up and coded and be in a position to have informed conversations with technical stakeholders.


The Voice Design Course is one of our most exciting courses covering designing for voice. You will gain a holistic understanding of voice user interface best practices and will learn how to code, publish and maintain a voice skill. You will have all the skills needed to incorporate industry-leading conversational design experiences to your products and examples to showcase in your portfolio.

What are the requirements?

No prerequisites.

Knoma's take

If you want to learn UX or UI design from industry experts, UX Academy specialise in exactly this. Their tutors have over 10 years of experience! We love that their students will get to work on real company projects, as well as develop a portfolio – crucial for finding work. We think UX Academy represents great value for money, with hands-on project and expert tutors at an affordable price.

UX Academy

UX Academy runs Live, Online, evening and part-time in-person training courses in Central London around UX, Digital Product Design, Voice & Visual Design and AR (Augmented Reality). Our instructors are experts in their field having worked for a range of prominent global clients and all of our courses are practically focused on group work and portfolio building.
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£87 / month

£1050 interest free loan from Knoma over 12 months

Key skills

Conversation Design Prototyping & Testing Voice Experiences VUI Use Cases for Voice Deliverables for Certification Development of Alexa Skills
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