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Trading using Volume and Order Flow Analysis

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What will you


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What do I get?

  • The purpose of the course
  • Why use volume and order flow analysis
  • What volume trading means
  • Fundamental volumes rules
  • Indices and futures
  • 3 sessions - different mood & volatility **Dynamic Volume and Related Trading Strategies**
  • Dynamic Volume
  • Divergence P/V and Retracement (TS)
  • Using ATR as a stop loss
  • VWAP & Deviation standard concept
  • Trading on VWAP deviation standard (TS)
  • Understanding Delta Volume
  • Position keeping with the Delta Volume Development Analysis (TS)
  • Tick Charts vs Volume Charts
  • Easy price action
  • Cumulative Delta
  • Trading off a tick chart (TS)
  • Trading book and orders type
  • Time and sales **Static Volumes and Related Trading Strategies (TS)**
  • Static volumes
  • Volume Profiles (VP)
  • Point-of-Control (POC) introduction
  • VP shapes and recovery areas
  • Poor volume area recovery (TS)
  • Big orders on the trading book
  • Scalping on the excess of volatility (TS)
  • POC and Value Area
  • Value area breakout or swing trading (TS)
  • Candlestick/Bars chart & volume profile merged **Practical Sessions**
  • Demo trading – 14-day trial Trading Challenge
  • Set up the trading platform for the challenge
  • Establish the Trading Challenge rules
  • Understand the Risk Management Limits for the contest
  • How to convert trades on Futures to CFDs
  • Risk management techniques for trading a funded account **One to One meeting**
  • Individual strategy discussion
  • Personal Q&A session

What do I need?

  • Entry requirements for all LAT programmes of two weeks or more: A scanned copy of a recent passport-sized colour photograph
  • Proof of education qualifications
  • Proof of English proficiency, if required.
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