The Pro Business Diploma

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What will I learn?

The course is split up into 6 module, strategy & innovation, marketing and communications, branding, finance, operations & leadership. The basis of the course is to complete a full business plan with the guidance of the tutor which accounts for 60% of your final mark.


This six-month online diploma empowers working professionals and entrepreneurs with the fundamentals of an MBA. Demonstrate your commitment to learning by mastering the skills needed to help your business or the organisations you workd establish long-term business success. The course is accredited by the Complutense University Of Madrid and the course material is licensed from Harvard & MIT.

What are the requirements?

None, you have to have the ability to complete the course. We will have a call with you to understand your level of learning capability.

Knoma's take

The Pro Business Diploma help fast-track careers without the burden of a fixed learning schedule. They combine accredited training, material from top schools like Harvard and MIT, and a powerful learning platform. We think they're well placed to deliver great outcomes for the cost.

The Pro Business Diploma

The Professional Business Diploma exists to advance inclusive and equity-driven learning for those with time, financial or academic constraints. By offering business persons the opportunity to acquire a fully accredited education in business.
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