SQE2 12-Week Prep Course: October 2022 Exam

Part Time 12 Weeks Online

What will I learn?

  • During your SQE2 Prep course, through your Personal Study Plan (PSP), you will experience an online learning module for each of the skills assessed in the SQE2. Your PSP curates graphics, interactive exercises and illustrative video clips. It also delivers masterclass videos, during which industry experts will explain the SQE2 skills against the assessment criteria, as well as best practice demonstrations.
  • BARBRI SQE2 Prep has the best faculty in exam preparation, consisting of experienced English solicitors and barristers who teach you how to master the skills required for the SQE2.
  • You will undertake regular mock SQE2 assessments, with individualised tutor feedback to assess your progress, plus a full simulated assessment, delivered online or at our London campus.
  • As the SQE2 is a practical exam, you will learn all the necessary skills required to show your functioning legal knowledge in a practical format, including your legal research, drafting and writing, as well as interviewing, advocacy and attendance notes.


BARBRI SQE2 Prep provides practitioner expertise in practical transactions and legal skills. BARBRI tells you the criteria and standards to which you are being assessed, shows you how to undertake the task and provides multiple practice opportunities to hone your skills.BARBRI SQE2 Prep will be offered at least twice a year leading into the scheduled exams. It will be in the form of a part-time (12-week) course.

What are the requirements?

Student must have completed the SQE1 exam, unless exempt as per the SRA (https://sqe.sra.org.uk/registering-and-booking/exemptions).

Knoma's take

BARBRI have been training legal practitioners for over 50 years – so no wonder they are global leaders in legal education. At the time of writing, BARBRI graduates were 24% more likely to pass their SQE1 exam than those that sat without BARBRI. If you want to feel confident about legal exams, you couldn't be in safer hands.


At our core, BARBRI Global is a learning company. And true to that core, we were students first. Before we could teach others, we recognised that we had to fully understand not just the tests, but those taking the tests. For over half a century, we’ve been building and interpreting the largest database of its kind to develop learning strategies and tools scientifical...
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£291 / month

£3499 interest free loan from Knoma over 12 months

Key skills

Legal Research Legal Drafting Legal Writing Interviewing Advocacy
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