Software Developer Course

Part Time 12 Weeks London

What will I learn?

  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript Frameworks
  • Architecture, Networks & Testing
  • Web Interactivity, Responsive Design
  • Object Oriented Programming & Web Testing
  • Careers Support, Tech Tests, Job Readiness
  • GIT, Github Flow, Pull Requests, Code Reviews


Learn to code with _nology. Become a Software Developer in 12 weeks on our intensive tech training course and graduate as a Junior Software Developer. The course is delivered remotely across the whole of the UK by the best coaches in the business. By training in the most up-to-date technical skills, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to become a job-ready Junior Developer. At _nology we train people from all background, many with no previous coding experience. Thanks to our partnership with one of the world’s largest tech recruitment companies Opus Recruitment Solutions you’ll be matched with our experienced recruiters, who will open the doors to multiple job opportunities to kickstart your new career. Designed to fast-track your career, this is the most effective and efficient way to learn to code and get hired! It’s no surprise 96% of our trainees land a tech job after completing the course. Please note, a deposit of £1,200 for this course must be paid upfront.

What are the requirements?

You don't need any qualifications or previous experience of coding to join _nology. Any coding experience that you have gained through studies or self-learning may prove beneficial in the earlier stages of the course, but is by no means necessary.

Knoma's take

At _Nology, you can choose from self-paced of full-time training to kick-start your dev career. As you would expect from coding schools, their courses are open to absolute beginners which may make their courses suitable for many looking to get into tech.


Being a software developer is much more than just writing code. It involves creative problem solving, innovation and is bursting with possibility. Our training programmes aim to encourage creative thinking, idea generation and collaboration – creating new mindsets to face the upcoming technological revolution. _nology was created to encourage more people to learn t...
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£747 / month

£8975 interest free loan from Knoma over 12 months

Key skills

HTML & CSS JavaScript Frameworks Architecture Networks and Testing Web Interactivity Responsive Design Object Oriented Programming Web Testing Careers Support Tech Tests Job Readiness GIT Github Flow Pull Requests Code Reviews
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