Sales Management Toolkit

Part Time 8 Weeks Online

What will I learn?

  • How to harness past experiences and empower yourself to take control of your development
  • How to embrace change and develop a growth mindset that can adapt to any situation
  • How to motivate with purpose and impact to positively influence your customers, peers and senior stakeholders
  • How to identify your personal values and why these are key to your personal development and growth
  • How to build relationships, appreciate different perspectives and influence team culture
  • How to improve team performance through planning and positive habit changes
  • How to improve results through modelling and increasing awareness
  • How to improve decision-making and improving communication
  • How to develop your personal brand, reputation and credibility


Develop a personal toolkit and the growth mindset needed to improve performance. Become adaptable to any situation and be able to respond with confidence as an exceptional sales manager and leader. This course will help to develop and enhance the softer behavioural skills that underpins everything you do - consciously and subconsciously. The online course has been specially designed to provide first-hand proven learnings that will empower you to overcome familiar daily challenges faced.

What are the requirements?

There are no minimum requirements for this course.

Knoma's take

LSOS delivery practical and honest sales coaching, and we think they're an outstanding choice in this field. Their courses teach so much more than just run-of-the-mill sales theory – they teach essential techniques honed through years of development. We love that LSOS teach sales with integrity and a focus on what's right for the customer.

London School of Sales

London School of Sales was created for salespeople by salespeople to provide you with the essential sales skills and techniques you need to overcome the daily challenges you face. Develop a personal toolkit and the growth mindset needed to excel in your sales career, whether you are just starting out, want to improve your performance or step up as a team leader. Our approach...
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£59 / month

£714 interest free loan from Knoma over 12 months

Key skills

Introspection Self-Awareness Change Management Tools Motivation Drivers & Behaviours Impact of Bias Reducing Assumptions Managing Pressure & Conflict Planning Spotting Patterns Driving Results Effective Communication Providing Feedback Continuous Development
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