Product Design including UX and UI

Part Time 12 Weeks London

What will I learn?

  • Design thinking and processes (end to end design process, Double Diamond process, user centered design)
  • User Research (user research methods, writing discussion guides, finding users and conducting user interviews)
  • Stakeholder management
  • Competitive landscape
  • Understanding users (creating personas, empathy mapping)
  • Customer journeys (building experience maps)
  • Defining success (writing user stories, problem statements)
  • Ideation, wireframing and prototyping in Figma
  • Usability testing


What's better than a Product Design course that covers the full end-to-end design process? A Product Design course that offers you the chance to learn the full design process whilst working on your own individual brief provided from a live startup. A comprehensive course covering research tactics, design thinking, stakeholder management, product management and user experience (UX design) - all of which play an important role in making successful design decisions. Real client brief for your portfolio. Under the guidance of our expert practitioner instructors, you will be given a real-life product design brief to tackle independently. Put your learnings into immediate practise whilst gaining a strong project for your portfolio to stand out from the crowd. Showcase your development by delivering a presentation to your client summarising your journey, process, and final designs. Classes capped at 8 students. Small class sizes allows the instructor to spend more time with each student discussing key concepts; getting feedback on work; asking outstanding questions; and benefiting from the wealth of experience they have to offer.Based in a design agency, not a school. Our studio is based in one of London’s leading design and branding agencies. Students come into class inspired by the highly dynamic creative environment, and are able to talk to agency staff as they come and go.

What are the requirements?

There are no pre-requisites to take the course or have any knowledge of particular software as you will be taught everything along the way, but having a keen interest in design helps!

Knoma's take

If you're looking for a specialist in Product Design, UX or UI, we love Experience Haus' approach. They collaborate with exciting local businesses for an immersive experience with real client projects to work on. Plus, the learning environment isn't a school – it's actually a leading design studio (though many courses are online). We're impressed by how career-centric their approach is.

Experience Haus

Experience Haus provides practitioner taught technical skills training for professionals and organisations covering an abundance of digital disciplines. In the wake of expensive living costs, low cost education is essential. Consequently, we are dedicated to delivering valuable education at a low-cost. The company's offering of events, part-time courses and hands-on work...
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£180 / month

£2165 interest free loan from Knoma over 12 months

Key skills

Product Design UX Design UI Design Presentation skills Figma
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