JavaScript Software Developer Bootcamp

Part Time 20 Weeks Online

What will I learn?

  • Learn how to write and use JavaScript to create the internal logic of applications.
  • Use JavaScript to add functionality to User Interfaces (UI's) to create interactive UI's that respond dynamically to events.
  • Use JavaScript to send data to, and receive from, external services and applications.
  • Use React to build more manageable and performant Single Page Applications.
  • Use Realtime, Graphing and Animation to convey data more effectively to users.
  • Use Typescript, ESLint, Cypress and Jest to test your code.
  • Use Node.js and Express to create servers to process data, query databases, connect to 3rd party services and distribute files and data to the front end of your application.
  • Use SQL/NoSQL to administer relational and non-relational databases to persist data (MongoDB, Postgres, Neo4j).
  • Optional Career-Change Support.


If you already know HTML and CSS and want to master the awesome power of programming, then this JavaScript Bootcamp will help you unleash your potential. Make the jump to your new career as a software developer and start building software that brings your ideas to life. This is the programming portion of our Full-Stack Developer Bootcamp, and provides in-depth software engineering training and optional career-support.You'll learn to develop and deploy enterprise-grade software to a professional standard. You will also be taught the most in-demand and commercially valuable tech (NO RUBY).Our teachers are expert developers with 15+ years of experience of software development and teaching development. You will learn for more 2.5 times longer than a full-time bootcamp, giving you more time to learn to a greater depth and reach a higher standard without the pressure from having to quit your job and lose your income to train.You'll complete our structured curriculum, covering the full client-server model and cover 8 key projects which will form the bulk of your portfolio.The career-change support includes helping you build and curate your portfolio of projects; helping you understand how and where to source roles; sharing roles from our network; rewriting your CV to be more effective; mock interview practice and more.

What are the requirements?

We advise that students know HTML and CSS to a proficient level before joining this bootcamp. If students want to learn HTML and CSS as well we recommend our Full-Stack Software Engineering Bootcamp.

Knoma's take

We're proud to partner with The Jump, a family-run business who teach coding skills employers want. They're led by exceptionally passionate, friendly folks, so you can be sure you'll be supported every step of the way. We love their small, human cohort sizes.

The Jump Digital School

The Jump school was set up by three family members (James, Katie and Robert) and we love helping our students become software developers and master the awesome power of tech. Whether you’re looking to start a career as a software developer, upskill to advance your current career, or build software to bring your ideas to life, we’re here to support you every step ...
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£416 / month

£4999 interest free loan from Knoma over 12 months

Key skills

JavaScript React Node.js & Express API's Servers Databases - SQL/NoSQL (MongoDB Postgres Neo4j) Object Oriented Programming Functional Programming Asynchronous Programming Graphing Realtime Animation GIT Command Line Interface
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