Motion Graphics

Part Time 30 Weeks Online

What will I learn?

  • The techniques and concepts behind animation and motion graphics as well as an ability to communicate and translate ideas into appealing motion design.
  • How to Design, Animate, and Sequence complete Motion Graphics Projects.
  • Learn easy yet powerful techniques to create the most complex animations.
  • Work with all the transformations tools and short-cuts.
  • Learn Visual Effects (vfx).
  • Learn and Apply specialised effects such as Rotoscoping, Chromakeying, Camera Tracking.


Studying the Motion Graphics Course will give you a deep understanding of this discipline and allow you to enter a world where visual communication is becoming the norm. People take this course to become motion designers that are typically in high demand across sectors including but not limited to gaming, advertisement campaign agencies, television, films, in-house productions, marketing, general advertising or the media. Motion graphics will open up opportunities for all budding designers that have a creative spark or interest in graphic design, animation and film.Through studying this exciting Adobe portfolio accredited course, you will acquire the technical know-how, insight and platform to apply your own creative talent towards a successful career in motion graphics. Learn to combine these disciplines and realise your personal creative potential.With your one-to-one class you will quickly think on your feet, respond to live industry briefs, and use a range of predominantly practical based learning with your industry expert tutor.Additionally this is a fun and easy way to enter into a career and earn money, working for a company, as a freelancer or reselling your packaged animations on hundreds of sites on the web. Learning the fundamentals and understanding motion graphics is what will enable you to strive in this sector.

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What are the requirements?

You can enrol on this course with no formal entry requirements other than a good understanding of spoken and written English ( level B2 and above). Ideally students should ideally have a background in graphic design or at least a foundation understanding in art, creative media or design. We will still consider students with no graphic design background and you should make a speculative application .Applicants are expected to come with passion for creativity and a computer. Check the Technical Requirements section online.If you have a passion for motion graphics and want to pursue a career as a Motion Graphics Designer then this course is for you.

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Blue Sky Graphics offer graphic design courses for everyone from beginners to professionals. We think it's brilliant that their students can expect one-to-one tuition when learning with them, and we love to see that they embrace diversity and not only in their student base but also by embracing global graphic design techniques.

Blue Sky Graphics

BlueSky Graphics (BSG) is a leading online graphic design training school. We have been diligently teaching our students design since 2005. We LOVE it! We are as passionate about our students success as we are all about graphic design. At BSG we are a leading and cutting edge design school, drawing on the latest technologies. Our online classes specialise in delivering pro...
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Key skills

Responsive Design Techniques 3D animation techniques Advanced 3D 3D Camera Orbit Null Per Character Text Animation Animation Presets Motion Graphics Videos Time Games Motion Tracking Camera Tracking Chroma keying Rotoscoping Importing Vector graphics Adobe Illustrator Motion Graphics
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