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What will I learn?

Web Design: Learn the foundational frontend languages used most commonly to build the web. Start off with HTML to bring structure to your web pages. Make your web pages beautiful and user-friendly by styling them with CSS. Use the CSS framework, Bootstrap to employ responsive design so that your site supports any device size. Share your products and collaborate with others by deploying to GitHub.

Interactive Web Apps: Learn core frontend programming skills to equip you with the tools needed for building fast and reliable Single Page Applications, utilising JavaScript and modern frameworks. The Vue framework will allow you to create reactive, modern web applications.

Frontend Frameworks: Learn the fundamentals of abstraction in programming and the inherent benefits of working with frameworks for JavaScript. Write code more efficiently for a production environment and take your learning to the next level with this critical toolset. Using frontend frameworks, such as the popular JavaScript Vue framework, will benefit you in how quickly you put together projects and give you an advantage in the workplace.

Progressive Web Apps: Control the benefits of leveraging on one codebase for all platforms and take advantage of a much sort after rapidly emerging technology. Take your JavaScript skills to the next level with this module, by moving beyond websites and into app development.

Hybrid Mobile Apps: Create Android apps that look and feel like Native apps without having to learn a new programming language. Learn the intricacies of working with a mobile devices hardware features, such as a camera or GPS and how to incorporate this data into your own apps.


Learn to make mobile applications using modern cross-device methodologies. Use web technologies like HTML, CSS and advanced JavaScript to build your own Android applications and games.

This versatile course gives you a solid foundation in frontend web technologies as well as the ability to build mobile applications. Therefore not only will you be able to build mobile applications, but you can use the languages you learn to build interactive websites as well. The course begins with the essential web technologies, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These tools are used to build Hybrid and Progressive mobile applications, including Android applications and games development.

The online experience is self-paced, yet full of opportunities to interact with your classmates. You will be assigned an expert code coach who will be available to answer your questions and do 1-on-1 video calls with you. The course is full of videos, code demonstrations and practical challenges that will ensure you have the skills to build web products.

What are the requirements?

A computer and access to the internet. Give yourself about 10 hours/week to stay on track to complete the course in 6 months.

Knoma's take

Codespace are an internationally recognised and industry-driven coding school in South Africa. They offer a pretty broad choice of courses within coding, including introductory courses and deep-dives into topics like mobile, front-end and software engineering. As with any code school, hands-on projects are crucial. With Codespace, you'll complete plenty.


The CodeSpace Academy curriculum is focused on PHP; in addition to technical skills, students are taught soft skills necessary to become leaders in the tech industry. Academy students are trained to be dynamic and socially conscious problem solvers. They will learn critical and abstract thinking to address relevant issues. In addition to PHP, CodeSpace Academy students learn...
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£2400 interest free loan from Knoma over 12 months

Key skills

Web Design HTML CSS Bootstrap GitHub Interactive Web Apps JavaScript Single Page Applications The Vue Framework Frontend Frameworks JavaScript Vue Framework Progressive Web App
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