Interior Design

Part Time 5 Weeks Online

What will I learn?

Unit 1 - Design various interiors for yourself and your clients: You will learn how to work with a customer to competently zoned rooms, create plans and design layouts in 3D, taking into account the wishes of clients. Master your skills in designing projects for kitchens and bathrooms.

Unit 2 - How to develop composite solutions: During the course, you will gain skills in selecting colour combinations, placing accents in the interior, and plan the placement of furniture. You will be able to select decorative elements depending on the style of the interior and work with light zoning.

Unit 3 - How to create drawings: You will practise your skills in how to work in AutoCAD and SketchUp to create drawings you or your customer want.

Unit 4 - Build your portfolio and earn as an interior designer: Turn your creative vision and talent into a hobby or full-time career and earn a high income. Learn how to expertly liaise with commercial customers and start to earn up to an extra £5000 per month from your interior design projects.


The course will be suitable if:You master a new skill: Interior design is one of the most learnt skills. During the course, you will gain skills in creating interior design projects: from choosing a style to modelling your project in 3D format.You improve your skills: If you have just started working in the field of design, then this course will help improve your practical skills. You will learn how to make a room plan and select the decor and lighting options.You want to design your own apartment: If you are interested in designing your own home, then this course will give you all the necessary skills and knowledge. You will learn how to choose your own finishing materials, colours, furniture, amongst other interior elements.You want to work as an interior designer: Gain interior design skills, create your first pieces for your portfolio, and start earning in the creative field right after training.

What are the requirements?

This course is for beginner and advanced levels to improve or refresh their skills and knowledge. It is necessary to have access to a laptop or PC with a stable internet connection and the capacity to use necessary software such as Zoom.

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Key skills

Floor Plan Designing for Flats & Houses Create Interior Design Projects in Different Styles Create nterior Collage in Adobe Photoshop 3D Room Visualization in SketchUp Select Finishing Materials Furniture Decor Design Interior Layouts Principles of Ergonomics Create Drawings in AutoCAD
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