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iconoClass: B2B Tech Sales Bootcamp (3-month)

BUILD A CAREER IN B2B TECH SALES IN JUST 3 MONTHS An intensive full-time 12 weeks programme to become a B2B sales professional with guaranteed job opportunities at the end!

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What will you


Here's what IconoClass say about their course...

What do I get?

  • Lead generation to find prospects, ICP (target definition, etc)
  • Different prospecting methods after having finalised your prospecting list
  • Qualification of your prospect
  • Structuring your sales meetings: meeting preparation, discovery stage, sales pitch creation, etc.
  • Objection handling
  • Powerful negotiation technique
  • Closing technique
  • After-sales: Account Management, Account Development, Customer Success Management **Applying what you learn in practice.*
  • Being 80% practice based - iconoClass program includes a lot of exercises with real business cases or reality-simulations practices
  • Role plays: practicing with your counterpart on a given business case in an observed environment with the feedback from the coac{
  • Real prospecting for Partner company: e.g. cold calling, getting as many appointments as possible, lead qualification, closing deals, etc **Getting to grips with digital tools.** In 2022, the modern Business Developer has a toolkit of super valuable tools that make their life way easier! At iconoClass, we will introduce you to the best modern tools and get the hang of them! **2 - Introduction to Personal Development** Carefully curated series of workshops that will allow you to gain self-confidence, to discover yourself, to connect with people on a deeper levels, to be more in touch with the present moment, to master active listening and manage your stress levels and your emotions:
  • Talking circles
  • Managing emotions
  • Improvisation and eloquence
  • Non violent communication (NVC)
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Self-hypnosis
  • The art of the pitch, etc **3 - HR Support - Preparation for Job Applications**
  • Curating the dream list of your targeting companies z Write your CV / LinkedIn Profile
  • Work on your personal branding
  • How to approach a recruiters
  • Writing your pitch
  • Building your story and shooting your video CV z Preparing for your job interview
  • How to be convincing during the interview
  • Negotiating your salary
  • Managing your career path

What do I need?

  • UK&I based, good internet, personal computer and mobile phone to make calls; over 18 years old, high motivation and desire to work in B2B Sales.No registration fee required!

Knoma’s Take

Iconoclass specialise in teaching sales techniques. They take a pragmatic approach to teaching business development. Their industry-driven course aims to teach the skills needed to become a sales professional. Their aim is to teach practical skills alongside modern tools that help professionals s...

Tom Meehan

CTO Knoma

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The support of Knoma allowed me to focus on my course of study without having to worry about an initial financial burden. Thanks to Knoma, I have been able to retrain as a Software Developer and look forward to an exciting new career.quote-end icon

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CAREER CHANGER | 2020 - 2021


Software Developer



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