Game Arts Program

Part Time 36 Weeks Online

What will I learn?

3D foundations: In term one, we establish our first win: creating a realistic 3D asset that we can place in a game engine. This is the foundation of all Game Tech and we have this down to a science! We'll teach you our process from high poly to low poly to texture and render. Then show you how to make it look amazing in Unreal Engine.

Character Artist Or Environment Artist: In term two, you'll enroll in either the Character Artist bootcamp or the Environment Artist bootcamp. You will build one capstone project under the direction of your mentor. This is a time for you to dive deep into your choosen profession and master the skills set you'd like to earn your living with.

Vertex²: In term three, you'll enter the whole art school and computer science part that makes up our life in Creative Tech. In this course you'll start to bring your work to life! You can learn more about the sprints for each term below.


Become a game artist. Game artists are in demand in more than just the game industry. At Vertex School our training programs are designed to help you become a job candidate for games, animation, tech, and more.

Creative tech is not your fathers art program. Salaries for US based jobs involving just one 3D skill are 35% higher than the average salary for other advertised jobs, according to Burning Glass & Epic. On top of that, 23% of job openings were for entry level positions... making this a great place to jump in and excel!

What are the requirements?

Complete a 10-15 minute application covering your background, goals, and experiences. Then create your account.

Meet with an Admissions Representative to discuss your application, walk through the program structure, and find out which program is the best fit.

Knoma's take

Vertex School offers innovative creative tech courses to prepare you for the career of your dreams in Film, Game Design and the future of the Metaverse.

Vertex School

Vertex School teaches people the skills they need to launch a new career in Creative Tech (Film, Games, Toys, Graphic Design & Marketing). Vertex School is creativity applied to the real world. Make real world projects and learn the real world skills that will help you thrive as a Creative in today's competitive marketplace. We help you get the job. We'll hel...
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£531 / month

£6374 interest free loan from Knoma over 12 months

Key skills

High Poly Modeling Low Poly Modeling Texturing in Substance Painter PBR Workflows Real Time Materials Unreal Engine Character Artists Workflows Environment Artist Workflows Real Time Hair Python Basics Making Characters Playable Animation Blends
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