Full Stack Web Development

Part Time 11 Weeks Online

What will I learn?

*Module 1: * is focused on the fundamentals. In addition to reviewing the foundations, you’ll learn to develop problem-solving abilities and enhance concept retention. We teach through scaffolded lectures and activities, live-coded reviews and assessments completed remotely. *Module 2: * is focused on projects. You’ll learn to create user design flows and database schema, and develop several fullstack applications. We teach through iterative group work and hands-on learning via projects. *Module 3: * is focused on preparing you to enter the tech industry. We teach through whiteboarding, technical improvisations, flash lectures, pitch-coaching and mock technical interviews.


CodeOp's Full Stack Web Development bootcamp has supported women around the world develop the skills they need to begin a career as an entry-level software developers. In the early weeks of the course, students learn programming fundamentals, data structures, algorithms, and advanced JavaScript. As students enter project phase, instructors present flash lectures on advanced topics like Docker, Advanced CSS, ORMs, Redux, MongoDB, Heroku, & GraphQL to further build out their portfolios. The course ends with an intensive career-prep module.

What are the requirements?

A programming background is not required to attend our Full Stack Development course, but previous exposure will certainly help.

Knoma's take

We love CodeOp's passion for change, and their tight-knit community for their coding, data and product courses. Their learners can benefit from their community before their course through to long after they graduate. They offer courses exclusively for women, non-binary folks, transgender folks and those transgender history, and intersex folks.


CodeOp is an international tech school headquartered in Barcelona, but with a campus in London. CodeOp is comprised of an international team that is passionate about doing meaningful work at the intersection of tech and education. We're changing the face of tech through our in-person and live-online bootcamps in Full Stack Development, Data Analytics and Product Managemen...
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£425 / month

£5100 interest free loan from Knoma over 12 months

Key skills

Programming Fundamentals Data Structures Algorithms Advanced JavaScript Docker Advanced CSS ORMs Redux MongoDB Heroko GraphQL
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