Fashion Business Essentials

Part Time 5 Weeks Online

What will I learn?

Course 1: Entrepreneurship & the Fashion System. Explore innovation and change, and effective uses of information technology in the fashion industry and in retail environments.

Course 2: Managing Fashion Production. Learn about strategic business planning in the retail industry including costing, production, managing manufacturers, and communicating with factories.

Course 3: Fashion Branding. Learn fashion branding principles and frameworks to build a brand from scratch and tell its authentic story to customers.

Course 4: Marketing Strategies. Learn about wholesale, DTC, and app-based retail business models. Develop an understanding of best practices in social media marketing and SEO.

Course 5: Retailing & Distribution. Learn distribution strategies including trade shows and pop-up retail. Explore applications of data-driven retail opportunities and uses of predictive analytics to build a business.


Parsons School of Fashion faculty, together with insiders and experts from leading brands, help you learn the business side of fashion, explore key trends shaping the future of the industry, and gain an understanding of how fashion brands are built and launched. The program includes 5 online course modules, and related skill-building activities. Each module is 3-5 hours, and is broken into several shorter lessons that students complete at their own pace. Students earn a non-credit certificate of completion from Parsons.

What are the requirements?

No prerequisites for joining the course.


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Key skills

Building a Fashion Business Sourcing & Production Branding Principles & Frameworks Data-Driven Retail & Marketing
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