Diploma in FullStack Software Development

Part Time Available 1 Location

What will I learn?

  • HTML Fundamentals
  • CSS Fundamentals
  • User Centric Front-end Development
  • JavaScript Fundamentals
  • Interactive Front-end Development
  • Python Fundamentals, Practical Python
  • Data Centric Development
  • Full-stack Frameworks with Django


At Code Institute, we are all about Career Transformation. For that reason, our careers services begin the moment you join our Diploma in FullStack Software Development program. As the UK’s only University Credit Rated Bootcamp, you can trust that the skills you receive are of academic excellence. Our code-first approach ensures you learn by doing. Students build a portfolio of 5 projects, including designing and building a website, improving UX and manipulating data effectively and implementing eCommerce functions, giving you a competitive edge when interviewing. Throughout your career conversions journey, our careers team will support you through the recruitment process. We will also invite you to our recruitment week, where we will make introductions to companies in your area and provide you with continual guidance through your career journey. Code Institute has set the global standard in online education. Our online campus seamlessly integrates technology, data, and people to ensure our learners progress along our course, are supported by people and matched to employment opportunities. Upon completing the Diploma in Full Stack Software Development, you will be awarded a Diploma that has been credit-rated by the University of the West of Scotland.

What are the requirements?

There are no minimum requirements for this course with no prior knowledge required. However, Code Institute recommends completing the free 5-day challenge for all students to gain a flavour of the course.

Knoma's take

Code Institute offers their graduates a strong chance of kick-starting their careers in tech, with very respectable placement rates of 90% at the time of writing. Expect 1:1 mentorship and careers services with access to 1000 international hiring partners. Their grads work at leading tech companies such as Salesforce, IBM and Google.

Code Institute

Code Institute courses are dedicated to producing career-ready developers through mentored online bootcamps. Their Industry Advisory Council is led by experts from Accenture, PayPal, GSK, Dell and more. These professionals review, validate and recommend syllabus improvements, ensuring that the most relevant technologies and languages are being incorporated in the curriculum....
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