Data Science Bootcamp

Part Time 24 Weeks Online

What will I learn?

  • Fundamentals: Before we do any coding, we give students a solid understanding of programming fundamentals and best practices.
  • Frontend Development: Students start with front end development learning about the DOM and how to make websites with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React – the most in-demand front-end framework. Our students also learn about UX, peripheral technologies and testing front-end applications.
  • Backend Development: Students learn how to use Node.js to run code for the back end, and focus on ways of dealing with asynchronous programming. Students also learn APIs and Databases.
  • Final Project: The final project is where students work in teams using Agile principles to get hands on with a real, green-field team project. There’s no better way to consolidate and extend your knowledge and prove what you can do.


The need for data analysts is growing in. Retrain as a Data Analyst without having to quit your job and sacrifice your income on our online part time Data Analyst Course. Transition from a beginner – with no prior coding experience – to a job-ready Data Analyst in 24 weeks on our part-time, online data analysis. You will learn through 24 weeks of labs, real life exercises and projects. You will also get access to a range of career support services and networking opportunities.Our aim is to prepare you for the real world – what industry needs now and spend a lot of time asking companies what specific skills they look for and then design our curriculum to include learning activities that help you master each key skill.

What are the requirements?

This course is intended for complete beginners so no previous coding experience is necessary. Simply apply online and we will be in touch regarding the next steps. Laptop / PC: You will be given a suitable virtual machine to use for the duration of the course, this is to ensure you have enough computing power to complete the course projects and that all students are using the same operating system.

The Developer Academy

The Developer Academy believe anyone can learn to be a software or web developer. We’ve also seen that with the right portfolio of skills and experience, you don’t need a Computer Science degree to launch a promising career. ​​The Developer Academy does not judge applicants by their previous education, work experience, gender or age. There are no formal teacher...
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£416 / month

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Key skills

DOM HTML CSS JavaScript React Node.js APIs Databases Agile Principles
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