Data Analytics

Part Time 12 Weeks Barcelona

What will I learn?

Pre-work: 10 hours including Python Basics, Python Data Types, Basic Data Visualisation with Python

Units 1-3: Programming with Python I, Exploratory Data Analysis

Units 4-6: Programming with Python II

Unit 7: SQL. Concepts, hands-on practice

Units 8-9: Unsupervised Machine Learning Algorithms

Until 10-12: Build your final personal project


Curious about the field of Data Analytics?

In just 12 weeks we will address the fundamentals of data analysis alongside with the key steps in transforming data into answers. You will have a solid foundation and knowledge of how to manage data and effectively get the most out of it. You will learn about programming, data mining, data analysis, and the powerful visualization of data to create a human-centric Data solution as your personal project.

Remote Learning makes more sense than ever with the number of global tech companies that very often work with delocalized teams in order to access the best talent. Learning remotely is a very valuable experience and good practice for the new remote status quo.

What are the requirements?

No prerequisites required.

Where will I be studying?

Carrer del Dr. Trueta, 114, 08005 Barcelona

Knoma's take

If you think a women-only (and non-binary inclusive) learning environment for the tech industry is right for you, take a look at AllWomen. We love their mission to create a safe, empowering environment focussed on kick-starting careers. Their courses are designed to accommodate a wide range of schedules to suit women with a wide range of personal circumstances.


AllWomen is the first campus of Data Science, Data Analytics, User Experience Design, Product Management and Web Development created for women, by women. All courses are taught in English, they are 100% hands-on and in a women-identified-only environment, as well as a Flexible Learning Environment (in person & remote learning). The classes are small & international...
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£245 / month

£2950 interest free loan from Knoma over 12 months

Key skills

Program in Python Usage of the Scientific Method Data Mining The Key Steps in Transforming Data into Answers Thinking Critically about Data and Drawing Conclusions Based on your Analysis Creativity Skepticism Public Speaking Collaboration
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