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Data Analyst

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What will you


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What do I get?

  • Excel Expert Our Excel Expert course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to use this popular spreadsheet programme to an advanced level. You’ll learn how to work efficiently with PivotTables and PivotCharts, automate processes with macros, create complex visualisations of your data, establish connections between various data sources, and use Excel’s data analysis tools to make data-driven decisions. Data Research & Statistical Techniques This course has been designed to give learners a strong foundation in data research and statistics. Data analysts are challenged to extract meaningful insights from their data. To learn various strategies toward that goal, this course exposes you to the fundamental research methodology and modelling concepts that are key to performing robust data analytics, visualisation, and data interpretation. This course also emphasises essential statistical methods. Python for Data Analysts Python is an all-purpose programming language. It’s used for a variety of applications, from web / software development, game development, to AI, machine learning, and data analysis. This course aims to tackle every corner of Python the Data Analyst must master. SQL for Data Analysts Structured Query Language (SQL) is a programming language used to extract and organise data stored in a relational database. This course aims to help you develop the skills to first identify the critical characteristics of database design and management and then be able to work with relational databases. R Programming and Statistical Analysis R is widely recognised as a powerful programming language and environment for data manipulation, statistical computing, and graphical display. It provides a variety of tools and techniques and is easily extensible. R is open-source and a vital tool for data wrangling and analysis. R includes a robust data handling and storage facility, as well as an extensive, integrated collection of tools for data analysis and graphical display. In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of the R programming language using Jupyter Notebooks and RStudio, while running descriptive and inferential analysis with different types of data structure. Data Visualisation with Tableau This course covers best practice for visualising data. Using the right charts and graphics helps tell the story that the data has revealed and identify patterns and trends within the data. In this course, you’ll explore essential types of analysis, visualisation, and graphic tools useful for conveying meaning from your data. Fundamentals of AI & Machine Learning You will learn the essential concepts that will allow you to operate in a modern and sophisticated environment. The world of artificial intelligence (AI) includes many areas in computing, which makes it a complex field, combining computer science and robust datasets to enable problem-solving. AI leverages computers and machines to mimic the problem solving and decision-making capabilities of the human brain. CompTIA Data+ (official examination included) Within the CompTIA Data+ course you will learn how to: mine data, manipulate data, the importance of visualising and reporting data, how to apply basic statistical methods and how to analyse complex datasets while adhering to the required governance and quality standards throughout the entire life cycle. Upon completing this you will also undertake lab work and then the official CompTIA Data+ examination.

What do I need?

  • Those looking to undertake this course should have strong critical-thinking and problem solving skills

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New To IT's aim is to help students join the growing IT sector. They offer training to students who are looking to start their careers, or enhance their current knowledge and applicable abilities within Cyber Security and Data Analysis.

Tom Meehan

CTO Knoma

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The support of Knoma allowed me to focus on my course of study without having to worry about an initial financial burden. Thanks to Knoma, I have been able to retrain as a Software Developer and look forward to an exciting new career.quote-end icon

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CAREER CHANGER | 2020 - 2021


Software Developer



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