Cybersecurity Analyst Bootcamp

Part Time 24 Weeks Online

What will I learn?

Threats, attacks & vulnerabilities Architecture & design Implementation Operations & incident response Governance, risk & compliance Threat & vulnerability management Software & systems security Security operations & monitoring Incident response Compliance & assessment


This course teaches you everything you need to know to launch your career as a cybersecurity analyst. You will not only get the world class training and hands-on skills which employer are looking for, you will also be equipped with top cybersecurity certifications Security+ and CySA+.

You will meet with your career mentor every week to make sure you hit your learning goals and finish the program on time. On top of that, there will be multiple group coaching sessions where you can meet with your peers and practice your skills with your technical instructors.

You will build real-life job experience with portfolio projects through our apprenticeship partners. This way you will not only build the skills you want, but also create the perfect impression employers and recruiters are looking for.

What are the requirements?

The course requires basic understanding of IT, such as hardware, software, operating systems and fundamentals of IT operations. As part of the admissions process, we’ll ask certain questions and review your background as part of technical skills survey. If you don’t pass the initial filtering stage, we’ll refer you to our IT Analyst course instead.

Knoma's take

When you learn with Peak Cyber Institute, expect to be mentored by experts. Their courses represent an excellent opportunity to make a start in an intellectually and financially rewarding – and in-demand – new career. It's designed for absolute beginners, and many of their graduates are career changers now working at big names like Amazon and BP.

Peak Cyber Institute

After spending decades in the cybersecurity domain in almost every sector; including public organisations, private companies, international positions at NATO and graduate faculties of universities, we wanted to reach out to more people and help them achieve their career goals in technology domains like systems administration, networking and cybersecurity! As a team of hig...
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£487 / month

£5850 interest free loan from Knoma over 12 months

Key skills

Attacks threats & vulnerabilities Implementation Architecture & design Operations & incident response Governance risk & compliance Software & systems security Security operations & monitoring Compliance & asessment
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