Cyber Security Bootcamp

Full Time 12 Weeks Online

What will I learn?

Introduction to Cybersecurity: In Module 1 we will onboard you on everything that is necessary to have a cybersecurity mindset. From introduction to the most important topics in the field to hands-on practice to every concept you’ll need to understand the Cybersecurity industry. You will have a more theoretical approach to some key aspects such as the basics of networking traffic, communication principles, network and routing protocols and services, telecommunication concepts, overview of the OWASP and network security principles.

Security and Threats: In this module you will learn how to understand and build a security program as well as to identify and tackle the principles and most common threats in today’s environment.

You will work in projects where you will have to ensure that there is a certain level of Network Security through Access Controls and Hardening Techniques, as well as learning how to configurate and use a Firewall. Creating a safe network won’t be enough, and you will also learn and create your own detection and prevention system as well as learn how to configure and use an event management system on security information to detect and analyze de threats. Through the middle of this module, you will deep dive on cyber-forensic methodologies and investigation.

Real projects for your new career: During the last module of the Bootcamp you will be starting to protect from real time Cyber Attacks while improving your acquired knowledge in previous modules with some upcoming analysis trends of the market, performing a security analysis and architecture evaluation as well as performing static and dynamic analysis from different data sources and how to handle digital evidence.

In this last module you will work on several projects that will establish and solidify your skills as well as doing a final review on risk and security management processes and security models, cybersecurity and privacy principles and learning on how to advise on disaster recoveries.


The cybersecurity workforce shortfall remains a critical vulnerability for companies and nations. New solutions are needed to build the cybersecurity workforce necessary in a networked world. Build a career in the cybersecurity industry with our Accelerated Cybersecurity Bootcamp powered by Cybint. Become a cybersecurity professional without any previous knowledge.

What are the requirements?

While there are no standardised pre-requisites, you will need basic English proficiency, basic math and logic skills, and most of all drive and motivation to learn in an accelerated environment.

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Ironhack is a global tech school with 9 campuses worldwide, located in Miami, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, Mexico City, Lisbon, Bogot, and Sao Paulo. Ironhack offers courses in web development, UX/UI design and data analytics, which are taught in-person with both full- and part-time formats. In the UK, all bootcamps are Remote, and you'll be part ...
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Key skills

Networking Traffic Communication Principles Network & Routing Protocols Telecommunication Concepts OWASP Network Security Principles Fingerprinting Encrypting Decrypting Data Security Threats Access Controls Hardening Techniques Cyber-forensic Methodologies Vulnerability & Compliance Scanning Incident Response Architecture Evaluation
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