Coding For Beginners

Part Time 4 Days Online

What will I learn?

  • Understand what programming is
  • Learn the tools of the trade. We’ll use the text editor VS Code and show you some basic terminal commands
  • Core programming concepts including variables, data types, control flow and functions
  • How to leverage libraries created by other developers (we’ll be using watchdog & pyautogui)
  • Build an app to automate tasks and interact with your computer


Get an introduction to programming and learn to code with Python.Python is a popular, flexible and versatile programming language which is great for beginners to learn. We’ll take you through the fundamentals of programming and by the end of this course you will have the knowledge to start automating simple tasks.

What are the requirements?

This course is aimed at beginners and requires no previous experience, just an interest in programming and familiarity with your computer.You can participate using a Windows or Mac computer.

Knoma's take

CodeClan are a leading Scottish coding and data bootcamp that we have recognised for a long time as having an excellent national reputation. Their team, and their graduates, describe a fun and supportive environment with passionate and dedicated instructors. Take advantage of their introductory courses to get a feel for tech (and as a taster for their pro courses).


CodeClan is Scotland's first and only SQA accredited digital skills academy on a mission to help bridge the digital skills gap in Scotland's growing tech industry. The rapidly evolving digital industry impacts almost every sector in Scotland. We take care to understand the skills that are sought by employers across the country and the technologies that are changing business...
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£50 / month

£600 interest free loan from Knoma over 12 months

Key skills

Python Core Programming Concepts Watchdog Pyautogui
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