Beginner UX Design

Part Time 8 Weeks Online

What will I learn?

Design Workshops & Mapping: Dive into the different techniques designers use to analyse research findings, to identify user needs and requirements and to translate them into design solutions. Create affinity maps, customer journeys and design concepts through facilitated workshops.

UX Principles: Discover how usability principles affect the efficiency of a product and how behavioural principles drive user’s expectations. Learn how to run a heuristic evaluation of a digital product.

Interaction Design, Wireframes & Prototyping: Combine principles of psychology, convention and technology to create an intuitive digital interface. Turn sketches into digital wireframes and interactive prototypes, becoming familiar with industry standard design tools such as Figma and Invision.

Discovery Research & User Interviews: Learn a different range of research methods and how to apply them according to the project nature. Develop a research plan and conduct interviews with real users to understand their needs, behaviours and attitudes.

User-Centered Design: Apply the most famous designing method and become familiar with the Double Diamond design process and the Design Thinking approach. Learn how to manage a project from beginning to end.

User Testing & Project Iteration: Plan and conduct usability tests with real users. Learn how to iterate your UX design project based on user insights and discover the most relevant validation techniques adopted by UX Design professionals.


The Beginner UX Design course will help you understand the basics of user experience and master the design process with a user-centered approach. This 8-week program has been designed to fully equip you with all the tools and methodologies you need to succeed as a UX designer: starting from the discovery research, going through the design and prototyping phases up to the final testing of your solution. Classes are taught in a small, friendly environment with first-class tutors dedicated to helping you succeed and grasp the basics you need to further develop your knowledge.

What are the requirements?

No coding skills are required. You will be using industry-standard tools such as Figma and Invision which require no coding ability.This course requires no previous UX knowledge or experience. People attending come from a range of different backgrounds including Product Design, Development, and complete newcomers to the UX industry.

Knoma's take

If you want to learn UX or UI design from industry experts, UX Academy specialise in exactly this. Their tutors have over 10 years of experience! We love that their students will get to work on real company projects, as well as develop a portfolio – crucial for finding work. We think UX Academy represents great value for money, with hands-on project and expert tutors at an affordable price.

UX Academy

UX Academy runs Live, Online, evening and part-time in-person training courses in Central London around UX, Digital Product Design, Voice & Visual Design and AR (Augmented Reality). Our instructors are experts in their field having worked for a range of prominent global clients and all of our courses are practically focused on group work and portfolio building.
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£104 / month

£1250 interest free loan from Knoma over 12 months

Key skills

UX Principles Interaction Design Wireframes Prototyping User-Centered Design User Testing
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