Animation Bootcamp

Part Time 16 Weeks Online

What will I learn?

Animation foundations: With bi-weekly meetings you'll find your animation skills growing faster than ever before and you'll need it. The walk and run cycles are some of the hardest skills to master. But don't worry. Through our rigorous curriculum and feedback we've got you covered.

Advanced body mechanics: Begin building out your character's capacity and your own ability to pay attention to nuances and the specific character traits that will help your portfolio stand out. At this stage animators should be learning the art of the small... our goal is to teach you to be patient with your work and put love into every second.

Combat, reacts & advanced techniques: Express yourself by creating attacks and over the top reacts. This is where you get to really push your animation and have fun on a whole new level. At this stage in the process of learning our goal is to push the animators creative capacity and break through inhibitions to engage the crazy.

Game setup & interactive game play: Break down your animation and put it inside of a playable character in Unreal Engine. When we get to this part of the course, you'll create an amazing portfolio project the combines all the skills you've learned up to date into one killer game project.


Learn from professional animators that have worked for some of the top studios in the gaming industry! This 16 week bootcamp will go through the process of creating body mechanic animations, that will help build a compelling demo reel.

We’ve created this bootcamp to be an intense, yet rewarding, experience. Your classes will be held twice a week, for 6 hours of live instructor time, each week! Lectures, critiques, demonstrations, and assignments that will resemble actual production pipelines.

You’ll begin by learning how to create an appealing walk cycle that shows proper weight, timing and other key animation fundamentals.

By the end of the course, you’ll have created several game ready animations, taken your animation into Unreal Engine, created blueprints to control your character, and have amazing content for your demo reel.

What are the requirements?

Working knowledge of Maya. You should be able to use the graph editor, outliner, channel box, ghosting tools, and other animation tools. Know the lingo of animation, like keys, poses, timing, key frames, spacing, etc. Basic understanding and use of the 12 principles of animation. English speaking students. Designed for animators with working knowledge of Maya. Students looking to increase their knowledge and understanding of the 12 principles. Students willing to put in the work for the end goal of working in the video game industry.

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Key skills

Animation Foundations Advanced Body Mechanics Combat Reacts & Advanced Techniques Game Setup & Interactive Game Play
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