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Why It Is A Great Time To Learn A New Skill In The Tech Industry

The tech industry is booming, and that gives chances to get ahead by learning cutting edge skills.

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Why It Is A Great Time To Learn A New Skill In The Tech Industry


October 13, 2021


Tom Taraniuk

It is easier than you think to learn a new tech skill. The industry is expanding and evolving at a rapid rate, and the need for those with a niche skill, such as cybersecurity or programming, is at the biggest it has ever been. Whether you are currently feeling unfulfilled in your career away from technology or already have one foot in the door but need a bit more, then now is the right time to get involved.

You might be asking why now more than ever? Below we delve deeper into the current state of the technology industry as we head towards the latter stages of the year and why learning a new skill in tech is more accessible for all.

Tech jobs are on the increase

Employment rates on the whole are increasing in the UK specifically, but with the abundance of new technologies and advancements in the current tech industry, jobs in this area are never going to be few and far between. In fact, 32% of European organisations planned to increase there IT staff in 2019, so keep an eye out for the latest figures.

It has been revealed that some of the most in-demand tech jobs in the year 2019 are the likes of data scientist, full-stack developers and security professionals, each growing in the average annual income you’d take home if working in these areas. As we head into the new year, the latest tech trends include artificial intelligence, edge computing, blockchain and augmented reality, which are being seen more and more when it comes to how industries are advancing in the way they work.

‘Tech for good’ is more important than ever

Some of the biggest trends in the news this year were focused around the likes of climate change, but did you know technology could also have a good impact on the world, whether climate focused or medical? At the moment, there are digital companies tackling all aspects of this, such as Medopad, using AI (artificial intelligence) to help tackle the problems faced for those with Parkinson’s disease, based in London too.

With this in mind, learning new tech skills could mean you have the ability to change lives going forward and make an impact on the world just by beginning your journey into tech. What exactly is ‘tech for good’ though? It is the intentional design, development and use of digital technologies to address social challenges. It is often approached with ethical consideration, so your journey in to the tech industry doesn’t just have to be for personal growth.

It is now easier to finance your learning

Thanks to the increase in course numbers themselves, alongside the finance options available to you, more and more people have been given the ability to learn a skill they might never have thought was possible. A lot of the areas involved in technology didn’t exist as little as 3–5 years ago so may not have been people’s first choices for careers, so it is never too late to get on board.

Here at Knoma, we want to give everyone, no matter who you are, access to lifelong learning in the tech world. With this in mind, we are able to give you zero-interest finance options based on your needs and financial commitments. We want to make it as simple as possible for you to sign up to courses and we will help you all the way through, meaning it’s a great time to get involved.

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