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Trending Courses In Cloud Tech, Cybersecurity And Data Analytics

Here are the top training courses in the UK for Cloud, Cyber and Data.

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Trending Courses In Cloud Tech, Cybersecurity And Data Analytics


September 08, 2021


Tom Taraniuk

While it’s certainly no secret that there is a significant gap in the UK job market when it comes to cyber skills, one person’s skills shortage is another’s opportunity. Global cybersecurity, for example, is growing at an astronomical rate, with spending estimated to cost up to $10 Trillion annually by 2025.

That means, for those looking to upskill and broaden their horizons: cyber-skills are worth a good hard look, at the very least. This article will provide a brief overview of some of the most sought-after skills in the field, some of the roles to which they may lead, and what you can expect to get from these credentials. Let’s take a closer look.

Cloud Computing for Beginners - Hudson

The world of technology, computing and data storage has evolved past the need for businesses to buy and own physical drives and centers to access these resources. Now, businesses and individuals enjoy the lower cost and enhanced security of accessing servers, storage, databases, networking and more over ‘cloud’ services.

As data is securely stored on the cloud and replenished in near real-time there is no dependence on hardware or servers - this also allows businesses the freedom to only pay for the services that they use, leading to a more efficient infrastructure and lowered operating costs.

The Cloud Computing for Beginners course offered by Hudson is an invaluable program offering 5 CompTIA cloud certifications offering a industry recognised transition into a role as a Cloud Engineer, Cloud Computer Systems and Network Administrator, Cloud Product Manager and many more. In many such courses, students learn key skills such as networking, databases, security supporting operating systems, installation and configuration, troubleshooting, network infrastructure concepts and many more.

The only prerequisites are an internet connection, a computer or laptop and Google Chrome! Like Knoma’s other partners, Hudson is known for providing top-quality educational courses that are designed to give students real-world skills to back up their certifications.

Cybersecurity Analysis - Learningpeople

As previously mentioned, the world of cybersecurity is growing at an exponential rate. As more and more data systems, networks, commerce and trade take place in the digital domain, businesses and governments alike are getting wise to the fact that cybersecurity requires their attention and investment.

That means that a Cybersecurity Professional course could be your ticket into an exciting and constantly evolving field that is set to see explosive growth. Students of this course are certified to become threat mitigation specialists who reduce vulnerabilities in systems – an invaluable skill that is coveted by business and industry.

The 52 week and part-time course makes It is a perfect entry point for those who are keen to make the next logical step in their IT career. The course offered covers the full spectrum of modern infrastructures, operating systems and application environments. The Learningpeople are tech career experts who offer award-winning student support and really go the extra mile to ensure that their students are looked after, motivated and given every opportunity possible to succeed.

Through learning skills such as threat and vulnerability management, software and systems security, compliance and assessment and security operations and monitoring students will be armed with the tools they need to prevent security breaches. Incident response training will simultaneously equip cybersecurity specialists-to-be with the skills they need to handle scenarios in which security systems are threatened or breached.

Data Analytics - CodeOp

The world of business is always becoming more and more reliant on data to make informed decisions in order to function. As such, the skills of those who interpret that data and turn it into actionable information are in ever-increasing demand. Understanding data analysis as well as database management systems and how to effectively query them for targeted information is a crucial skill and is one that students learn in Codeop’s Data Analytics course.

In 8 modules – delivered over 11 weeks, students learn everything they need to know to supercharge their skill sets for a career in data science. In week one you’ll learn the basics of programming and how to write code in Python, after which you will learn how to apply that to data analytics and learn the data pipeline, using statistics, probability and more.

By week 11, you will be well equipped to take on data analysis projects and create predictive models and more. This course is designed to give students the real-world skills that they need to be successful in the world of data analysis and data science. On top of coding in python and data queries using SQL, students will learn how to use virtualized Linux applications with docker, apply common machine learning algorithms and delve into AB testing among other things.

This is a full-time course and is jam-packed with career-boosting knowledge, so if you’re up for the challenge and a skill set that is coveted by businesses, the data analytics course from CodeOp might be just the thing you need to jumpstart your data-driven career!

Up-skilling Done Properly

With the world of business shifting ever deeper into the digital domain, it can never hurt to develop your cyber skills. These industry-leading courses are made more reachable to those looking to up-skill through Knoma's philosophy that life-long education should for all should have no hurdles or barriers.

By offering no-interest, flexible payment plans they are accomplishing just that. A real-world win for everybody who wishes to take advantage of all the benefits that the digital one has to offer.

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