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Top 5 Tech Careers For Creative People

Typically tech's seen as a non creative industry, which isn't true! Here's 5 creative roles in tech.

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Top 5 Tech Careers For Creative People


April 20, 2022


Ruth Ng

As a creative person myself, I am all too aware of how disheartening it is to drag yourself to work every day, and sit there feeling a huge lack of enthusiasm for your job. For many creatives, their work offers a sense of freedom and a way to express themselves. It’s an opportunity to show their abilities and fulfil their creative wishes.

If you’re stuck in a job that you feel is suppressing your creative abilities, it might be time to switch careers. But what career is best for you? What are the top five careers for creative people?

1. Graphic Designer

Being creative is an integral part of graphic design. This tech career combines technology with art. Anybody who loves design, art, and being creative, and is competent with technology, would suit a graphic designer role.

As a graphic designer, you can either be self-employed and work as a freelancer, or you can be employed by a company. Employers of graphic designers include media companies, gaming businesses, design groups, product-based businesses, or television channels.

This role involves a number of creative aspects including website or app design. You will also be involved in creating product packaging, business branding, or the making of point-of-sale materials such as banners, posters, or displays.

Most graphic designer roles require some form of qualification. This can be a qualification in 3D design, film and television production, fine art, illustration, or photography. Check out the courses we offer here at Knoma marketplace to find the perfect course for you to excel in a graphic designer career.

2. Product Designer

Every product you use has been designed by somebody. Product design is a creative role that begins with the idea of a product, and ends with the product being sold to customers or companies. As a product designer, you will be involved in every step of this process.

This role is perfect for those of you who love creating new items and brainstorming innovative ideas and product concepts. There are also several other aspects to this role including

  • Sourcing materials
  • Developing models of future products
  • Testing the products
  • Refining the products
  • Marketing the products

Product designers are not isolated to just physical products. They can also be involved in the design and creation of digital products, including audiobooks, ebooks, apps, and other downloadable products.

3. Online Content Creator

Content creator make engaging, inspiring content for a particular audience. It is a job that requires a creative flare to succeed in.

As a content creator, it’s important to know which areas you work best in. Do you enjoy creative writing? Are you better at creating stunning visuals and edits for products? Do you enjoy making audio content such as podcasts?

Content creation can be unpaid or paid. There are thousands of creators out there who post regularly online. However, content creation is an amazing career to go into, and you can in fact be paid great money for it.

Online content creation is an umbrella term for any type of creative work that is posted online, whether that is blogs, podcasts, YouTube, or on social media channels. It can also include creative writing or researched article writing.

I feel like pretty much anybody is capable of creating amazing online content, and everybody has the potential to make a career out of it. Regularly posting online and working to build a loyal audience can help to push your content in front of potential sponsors or clients who might invest in your work. You can also gain money through being a part of brand advertising campaigns, or by creating one-off sponsored posts.

4. Web Developer

Web development is a creative career that involves creating a website from scratch. This encompasses everything from the designing, to the editing, to the coding of the website.

This job is perfect for those of you who are tech savvy, but love being creative. Due to this role involving coding, you will need some knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, all of which can be learnt through the courses we offer at Knoma marketplace.

It is an ever-changing career that will always keep you on your toes. It’s fairly similar to graphic designing, but it is focused solely on website and app design. As a web developer, you would work alongside graphic designers to curate a beautiful website.

You can work as a freelancer, or be employed by a company. The salary varies depending on your prior experience and reputation. The kinds of companies that hire web developers are similar to those that look for graphic designers, such as media companies, physical or online product businesses, and design groups.

5. Social Media Manager

Social media is a fairly new marketing channel, but it is growing more and more each year. There is an increasing amount of people using social media for personal and professional reasons.

More businesses are turning to social media as a marketing strategy. This has increased the demand for social media managers. Business owners often don’t have the time or expertise to effectively promote their brand on social media, leaving a perfect opportunity for creative individuals with a passion for social media to help.

Usually, social media managers oversee the brand’s social strategy. This includes

  • Creating posting schedules
  • Promoting brand content
  • Helping to engage with customers on the various social media platforms
  • Looking at analytics regularly
  • Using social media listening tools
  • Contacting influencers

The ultimate goal with any social media manager is to increase brand awareness and create a loyal customer base.

If you’re looking to upskill or reskill to enter a new career, Knoma marketplace offers hundreds of tech courses that are perfect to help you with this transition into a creative role.

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