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Starting A Career In Tech Aged 40 Years Or Over?

Changing careers in your 40s and 50s is not as intimidating as it sounds - here's why.

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Starting A Career In Tech Aged 40 Years Or Over?


May 18, 2022


Cuneyt Ergun

Changing careers in your 40s and 50s is not as intimidating as it sounds. With years of work experience and a more mature mindset, the 40s and above is definitely the best time to consider a new career.

However, the tech industry struggles with ageism because of the perception that technology is a young people thing, but there’s a positive development. The tech industry is finally seeing the necessity for inclusivity and is creating programs to help the over 40s settle into new careers in technology.

Jobs in tech can also be quite irresistible for several reasons:

  • They are flexible and remote-based friendly,
  • They are high paying even at entry-level,
  • They encourage creativity, and
  • There are thousands of opportunities coming up as businesses accelerate their digital transformations.
  • Educational resources are also multiplying.

People over 40 can easily find tech courses for upskilling and reskilling to break into the tech industry, such as with the Knoma Marketplace that offers students affordable, interest-free tuition from leading tech institutions.

Pros and Cons of a Tech Career Past Age 40

Ironically, career options decrease with age, but gaining tech skills is one way of avoiding stagnation. Tech jobs are more than coding, so people from virtually any field can find their place in the tech industry. Anyone with experience in sales, marketing, teaching, product management, customer support, project management, or content creation may discover that tech is a natural fit, especially with flexible freelancing opportunities.

Switching to a tech industry job at 40 or over means that while it still is an entry-level job, it will not involve intern-type work because one brings decades of experience to their tech jobs. Sure, learning the ropes in a new role might take time, but it can be easier with prior knowledge or experience. Being able to express yourself through creative work will lead to greater job satisfaction. This, in turn, leads to a better quality of life and a healthier body.

On the other hand, the fear of restarting one's life is a very real challenge that often stops people from making this career change. This is more difficult when one carries the responsibilities of raising a family, taking care of parents, handling bills and debts, and saving for retirement. It is important to understand that a career in tech is not a setback but a bold step forward into a more rewarding life.

Deciding where to start your career can be challenging. The tech industry has numerous potential careers to pursue, like cybersecurity, product management, data science, web development, UX/UI design, digital marketing, and loads more. The pressure to make a perfect choice can be overwhelming, but a helpful tip is to look into tech industry courses and their content to discover what resonates the most.

One of the most common challenges facing entry-level professionals over 40 is finding the time to adjust their skills for employment in the tech industry. Aspiring tech professionals must find time amidst their day-to-day life to acquire the essential skills and qualifications required for their dream jobs.

This is where remote learning comes in to open new doors for tech courses by providing students with more flexible ways to access the most innovative IT courses available. Institutions have come a long way in understanding the needs of students. They're offering more flexibility and are entirely open to reasonable requests, so with a little extra planning, nothing is impossible to achieve.

A platform like offers recommendations for the best tech courses to match specific upskilling and reskilling needs, which gives students the perspective to make the right choice.

Tips for Making A Career Change in Tech Over 40

Now that there are increasing opportunities for tech professionals over 40, here are some pointers to guide you through the right steps to take.

1.     It's Never Too Late to Get Started.

While concerns about ageism are valid, they will not stop time from passing. Making a career change over 40 is absolutely worth it if you have the courage to make it happen.

2.     Brace for The Challenge Ahead.

The tech industry is one of the most exciting and innovative industries in existence today. The fast-paced, always-changing environment requires that a person stay current at all times, which can be difficult for those more accustomed to the more stable environments of other industry sectors. Fortunately, online communities offering advice and encouragement make overcoming obstacles easier.

3.     Sign Up for Free Tech Courses First.

Whether you are looking to join the tech industry as an after-hours hobby or a full-time job, getting the tech skills you need is easy to do. A quick search for a free course in any tech subject will reveal opportunities to pick up basic coding and tech skills, which can provide the clarity needed to make the right career choice before committing to a full-time tech diploma or degree course.

4.     Make the Most of Past Experience

The changing nature of the technology industry has made it possible for people who have been through many professions to change fields and find new work once more. There are two typical kinds of people looking to switch to the tech industry; those who have held steady jobs for decades in one field and those who have stitched their careers together through multiple areas by the time they hit 40 and over.

People in their 40's more than often are well-rounded than those in their 20's thanks to work and life experience. Consequently, they tend to be more useful when it comes to delivering solid, leading-edge results.

5.     Prepare for Lifelong Learning.

Tech jobs are far from boring, mainly because the industry is constantly growing and changing. The main appeal of this job to people over 40 is its constant need to create and improve processes besides the endless reskilling and upskilling opportunities. All projects that come your way contribute to your portfolio, opening doors and leading to more rewarding opportunities.

Way forward

If you're starting over after 40, tech presents a host of options and opportunities that suit any personality and background. Actionable courses from top institutions; that's what you get at Knoma Marketplace. Find hundreds of tech courses that match your interests and learning style, at no interest and no extra fees. With the “Pay with Knoma” option, students can avoid loans altogether by spreading out the tuition costs. Visit to break into the tech industry today.


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