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How To Decide Whether A Career In Coding Is Right For You

Wondering whether to move towards a career in coding? Here's how to decide if it's right for you.

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How To Decide Whether A Career In Coding Is Right For You


April 27, 2022


Tom Meehan

Are you wondering whether to move towards a career in coding? We don’t blame you. According to recent stats, top coders can earn a salary around 145% higher than the UK average. If that weren’t enough, coding careers are in demand at the moment thanks to a booming digital sector. By learning the tricks of the trade, you could acquire the comfortable and secure job you’ve always wanted.

So, do you have what it takes to become a full-stack developer? The good news is that virtually anyone can learn to code if they dedicate enough time and effort to the task. The following attributes, however, are sure signs that a career in coding could be right for you:

1) You love technology

Are you a fan of new gadgets and cutting-edge technologies? Are you known for staying on top of digital trends? If you’re motivated by innovation and the wonders of our digitally connected world, a career in coding could be exceptionally rewarding.

2) You want to learn something new

If you’re committed to the principles of upskilling and lifelong learning, learning to code could represent an exciting new project. It will introduce you to an exciting new language while honing your capacity to think logically and dexterously.

Concerned you’re too old or technologically illiterate to code? Perhaps maths wasn’t your best subject at school? Don’t worry – coding is a broad field perfectly suited for people with all kinds of skills and expertise. In fact, most people who dedicate themselves to a coding course complete it with a host of valuable new skills to add to their CV.

3) You like solving people’s problems

Are you keen to make people’s lives run more smoothly using the power of technology? Many coders harness their skills to create problem-solving apps and software. Once established in a coding role, you could find yourself developing the latest e-commerce platform or software designed to help kids learn to read. As any seasoned coder will tell you, there’s no better feeling than testing your products and witnessing their positive impact on the world.

4) You would like to channel your creative energies

If you have oodles of pent-up creative energy, a career in coding could offer an excellent outlet. Some people view coding as similar to writing essays or fiction. Instead of using language to communicate with others, however, you use it to craft visually arresting websites, software platforms, and applications. If you enjoy harnessing new ideas and making them a reality, therefore, coding could be hugely gratifying.

5) You appreciate order and neatness

If you’re an avowed perfectionist and take pleasure in the beauty of patterns and order, you’ll thrive in a coding role. Developing sites and apps requires acute attention to detail – even a minor mistake in a line of code could throw your project into disarray. Fortunately, mistakes are often easy to fix and completing your code accurately can be as satisfying as completing a tricky puzzle, crossword, or sudoku.

6) You like working with people

People often view coding as a solitary job for slightly geeky young men. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Web development represents a highly collaborative process that requires input from a vast array of team members, clients, and stakeholders.

Depending on your level of seniority, you’ll be expected to meet new people and take part in project meetings regularly. Indeed, a career in coding will allow you to hone your communication and interpersonal skills – great news if you’re a people person who enjoys teaching people about complex concepts.

Of course, if you appreciate your alone time, there is plenty of scope for that in the coding world too. Once you’re delegated a project, you may be expected to focus quietly for several hours, working to deliver excellent code that clients will love. For this reason, coders are sometimes allowed to work flexibly from home or during unsociable hours – perfect if you have caring responsibilities or would like to avoid commuting during rush hour.

7) You’re cool, calm, and collected

Scanning lines of code for errors requires a lot of patience, particularly if you’re working on a big job or your client wants to make several changes. Fortunately, this part of the job can be enjoyable if you have a cool head and an eye for detail. The exhilaration coders feel when they work out the solution to a stressful problem is almost indescribable. Once you start on your coding journey, you’ll know just what we mean!

8) You’re a self-starter

One of the best things about coding is that you don’t need any special qualifications to start learning it. As long as you’re motivated to solve problems and build a decent career for yourself, you’re already halfway there! If you’re a disciplined self-starter with the wherewithal to discover things for yourself and harness the powers of the digital world to build your career, it may be time to start coding.

9) You’re interested in freelancing

Freelance work is great for people who like to take on a variety of different jobs and control their own timetables. What’s more, coding is an immensely saleable skill for freelancers looking to help clients develop websites and apps. Once you’ve been in the business for a couple of years and have built a solid client base, you certainly won’t be short of income.

10) You’re bored in your current job

Are you stuck in a role that you don’t enjoy? Perhaps your career trajectory is sluggish and unpromising? If so, making a career switch and learning to code could transform your life. Web development is a dynamic industry full of exciting people, so you’ll probably meet a host of like-minded individuals as well as pursue more rewarding work.

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