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7 New Career Ideas You Don't Need A Degree For

Our take on seven careers that 1. are in-demand and 2. you don't need a degree for.

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7 New Career Ideas You Don't Need A Degree For


June 01, 2022


Ruth Ng

Unfortunately, more of us than ever are feeling like we’re at a dead-end in our careers. That’s hard to deal with, especially when we’ve already committed to, and invested in, our career. Whether our dissatisfaction is down to personal or work-related issues, it's important to know it’s never too late to make a change. And more people than ever are embracing career change.

Now more than ever, there’s an abundance of career opportunities that don’t require another degree (or any university course whatsoever!)

After the pandemic, changing careers is more common than ever before. People want more freedom, flexibility, and opportunity in their lives that their previous jobs weren’t providing. As a career changer, you can take control of your working life again, and prioritise the career that best suits you, your current skills, and your overall needs in life, so you’re back to feeling like yourself again.

To experience greater balance, and expand your horizons, here are 7 new career ideas you can try that don’t require a degree. Instead, they rely on training courses and some online programmes that'll prepare you to hit the ground running, regardless of your work history, previous qualifications, age, or any other personal barriers.

1. Coding or Development

“I’m a developer.” You hear it all the time these days, but what does it actually mean? For the non-techies out there, development is basically coding. Developers build websites, apps and write code to process the information on servers.

The first thing to do is check whether coding is right for you. Loads of coding schools can help you do this for free with free materials, or you can try something like Codecademy which – although not really comprehensive enough to start a new career – is a great place to try it out. Then, you can start looking for the right coding bootcamp (don’t worry, no push-ups required!)

Here are our top picks for jumpstarting your coding or career in development:

2. UI/UX Design

Software engineers handle the heavy lifting behind computer and mobile applications. User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) designers oversee the visual layout of a website or app.

It’s their job to make sure a software looks and feels intuitive to its users, helping a company achieve its goals while improving people’s experiences. It’s a highly creative and rewarding career that pays well, too.

We suggest taking courses in UX/UI design through AllWomen, or signing up for the Professional Diploma in UX Design via UX Design Institute. In these programmes, you’ll learn the basic principles of UI and UX design, skills such as wireframing and prototyping, visual communication, and audience research.

3. Marketing

Does the world really need another marketer? You bet! Marketing may be massive, but it’s an international industry that’s always evolving – fast. New minds, fresh ideas, and unique voices are always welcome, so there are plenty of career choices if you’re interested.

The truth is that there will always be businesses that need good marketers to sell their products or services. What’s more, today’s marketers are far more than product-pushers. They help businesses create brands that feel human and connect them with their audience. Marketers enjoy a combination of creative and data-driven work.

A good starting point for your career change is the Digital Marketing Institute’s Certified Digital Marketing Expert programme. You can also try Stay Nimble’s Launchpad: Digital Marketer course to jumpstart your education.

From marketing strategies to search engine optimization (SEO), the top skills marketers need can all be acquired at home without a degree.

4. Project Management

Put the “great attention to detail” you wrote on your CV to good use with a career in project management with The Learning People's PRINCE2 Collection : Preparing you to earn your project manager certification.

The PRINCE2 is a leading project management method employed by some of the world’s greatest organisations. With your certificate, you’ll be able to apply to numerous companies with assurance that you are skilled to handle all of their tasks.

Project managers help bring companies’ ideas to life through strategic processes and operations. Online certification is the easiest way to break into the industry, no matter where you’re coming from.

5. Events Management

Now, this is one job sector you may not see advertised often, but it’s always in demand if you know where to look. You can get started as an events manager by simply organising events for people you know.

Reach out to companies, offer to do some unpaid or volunteer work, and build a solid portfolio before charging for services.

You can also get started with this course: The Event Crowd Diploma. Here, you’ll learn everything it takes to host events like weddings, festivals, and corporate events.

From operations to venue hosting, branding, and staffing, this diploma covers it all with over 40 industry experts and a self-paced learning environment.

6. Sales or Recruitment

If you’re an excellent listener (and speaker, of course) you might thrive in a career in sales or recruitment. There are plenty of work opportunities available, even if you don't have any prior work experience in either field. If you don’t mind a hustle, then a fast-paced career move like this could be your ideal match.

Think about kicking off your training with a course like Essential Sales Skills by the London School of Sales. From prospecting to negotiation, get the skills you need to break into either industry with complete confidence.

7. Product Management

Product management oversees a product or service’s ideation from start to finish. Throughout the entire lifecycle of a product, the product manager is there to ensure it comes to life and fulfils its purpose.

Managerial aspects, like budgeting and timelines, are integral parts of ensuring a business reaches its goals and meets consumer expectations.

You can start your career in product management through an online course. Look into CodeOp’s 60-hour Product Management training or Product Strategy and Management by Experience Haus.

Both offer a comprehensive look at the industry and provide detailed skills training for aspiring product managers.

Find the Next Online Course That Will Change Your Life

Check out Knoma’s Knowledge Marketplace to search for your next career-changing course. From part-time certificates to remote, full-time diplomas, we can help you find exactly what you need to break into a new field and pursue your dreams.

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