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6 Types Of Design Careers To Explore

There are loads of careers that fall into the wide world of design. Explore design careers here.

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6 Types Of Design Careers To Explore


August 17, 0022


Francesco Romeo

Being a designer is so much more than crafting web pages or making packaging and logos. There are loads of careers that fall into the wide world of design, from fashion designers to UI and UX designers.

If you’re a creative person, there is an outlet for you that could turn in¬¬to a career. Many people swear off design jobs because they think they don’t have enough artistic talent. In reality, you can become a designer the same way you achieve any other career goal — by learning the right skills.

If you’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a creative job filled with exciting opportunities and rewarding work, here are six design careers worth learning about.

1. Graphic Designer

We couldn’t write a list about design jobs without mentioning this one. Graphic design has evolved massively over the last 20 years, especially as more companies have adopted a digital model for their branding and advertising efforts.

Modern-day graphic designers can work in product design, crafting packaging, stationary, and brand materials. They can also work in the digital realm, ensuring that a company has the perfect logo and color scheme to resonate with their target audience.

They help brands craft unique identities that feel personable, authentic, and, most importantly, align with their business’ goals. They use their knowledge – (from colour theory to white space) and their skills (from practical software skills like Adobe Illustrator to specific skillsets like product design) to build cohesive brands and effective visual messaging.

2. UX Designer

A UX designer creates the user experience for every interaction a customer has with a brand. UX design is at the technical end of the design spectrum, where it’s not just about visual design but also about process design and data. They’re responsible for crafting experiences and layouts that guide users from one point to the next, seamlessly designing a memorable engagement that hopefully turns them into delighted customers.

Likewise, UX designers ensure that long-term or returning users are also given everything they need from a business. They analyse needs, connect them to features, and help companies build their reputations through reliable, valuable experiences and designs

If you want a career in this field, you’ll need to know a range of unique UX skills like user research, UX copywriting and wireframing, as well as the principles of graphic design. Online courses and specialised UX bootcamps can be a great place to kickstart this career, whether you have prior design experience or not.

3. UI Designer

Wait, didn’t we just cover this? Not so fast! UX stands for user experience, and UI stands for user interface. They’re similar, we know. So similar, in fact, that many companies actually hire people as UI/UX designers to fulfill both roles in one position.

That being said, a UI designer is different from a UX designer. While the UX designer focuses on experience, the UI designer focuses more heavily on the aesthetic, functionality, and placement of existing websites and mobile apps.

Think about an app or site you’ve used that got a major overhaul. You likely encountered some changes that made you think, “Wow, why didn’t I think of that before?” or “This makes so much more sense.” You can thank a UI designer for that.

4. Interior Designer

Not all design jobs in 2022 are online. You can take your skills offline and transform physical spaces with a career as an interior designer. Interior designers are often mistaken for interior decorators, which is a separate career.

While decorators can be anyone with a keen eye for aesthetics, interior designers are masters of their craft. They implement design principles like colour theory, balance, unity, and contract to create striking homes and commercial spaces.

Look for courses in interior design to start your career. Beyond design know-how, you’ll often need to learn budgeting, project management, and computer-aided design (CAD) software. Interior designers can work independently, but many work for design agencies or architecture firms.

5. Photographer

Being a full-time photographer is a dream for many because of its flexibility. Whether you want to showcase products, capture exquisite cuisine at its finest, or immortalise people’s most special occasions, there are plenty of ways to make a living as a photographer.

Before you can get started, you’ll need to learn the fundamentals of photography and photo editing through Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. You’ll also need to be familiar with the hardware, such as lenses and lighting. You’ll have to know the difference between many types of cameras and their key functions to decide which ones are right for your line of work. Photographers can benefit from taking courses in digital marketing and social media. Advertising and branding skills help them build their own businesses and attract new clients.

There are many ways to work in photography. Commercial photography in particular presents plenty of opportunity to work for a wide range of clients in different industries. You could also consider opening your own studio and shooting people’s wedding photos or taking portraits.

6. Multimedia Artist

Do you love animated movies, video games, or cartoons? You might love working in multimedia. These artists create 2D and 3D artwork using computer software, then collaborate with animators and other designers to bring their imagery to life.

A good starting point for an aspiring multimedia artist is Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. You can also learn motion graphics, 3D modeling, and graphic design principles to hone your skills and build your CV.

If you’ve never done anything in modeling or animation before, this field can seem intimidating. But there are plenty of great courses online in animation, modeling, and design that can help you get started and build confidence.

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