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6 Things To Know Before Learning Programming

This blog post is for anybody thinking about a career in coding and development.

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6 Things To Know Before Learning Programming


January 19, 2022


Cuneyt Ergun

Learning to code is a fun experience and a very rewarding one too. But how do you get the most out of the tech courses you choose? Check out our 6 things to know before learning to code below!

1. There Will Be Ups And Downs

Learning to code will come with its own ups and downs. There will be times when it feels too difficult, but you’ll also experience plenty of highs along the way too! The important thing is that you stick with it.

Perseverance is key when you’re learning any kind of programming or web development. To get the most out of your tech training, you need to continually practise what you’ve learned. This way, you’ll have more ups than downs!

2. Find Your Why

When you’re trying to learn any new skill, you need to make sure you’re motivated. When it comes to learning to code, you need to find what motivates you to get going every day.

As programming can involve a lot of time sitting at your computer by yourself, you often need to push yourself to keep going. Understanding and finding your why early on in your programming journey will make that journey much smoother and more enjoyable!

3. Learn The Basics First

Starting small is key when you’re a programming beginner. There is a lot to learn, from tough terminology to fairly abstract concepts. To avoid overwhelming yourself with too much at once, make sure you start small! Learn the basics first, and it’ll be easier to understand the more advanced stuff later down the line.

4. You Don't Need 4+ Monitors

You might see a lot of multi-monitor setups on social media, but to get started in programming you only need one! Again, you want to eliminate the chance of you becoming overwhelmed in the beginning. A great way to do this is to limit the number of screens you use to just one or two.

5. Find An Online Community

Learning to code can be much easier if you surround yourself with helpful people. There are lots of online communities out there that will be able to provide you with help and advice. Having the right people around you can make learning to code so much easier!

6. Discover An Online Course

Finally, online courses are some of the most effective ways to learn programming. Tech courses of all kinds exist out there but picking the right one can be tough. If you struggle to get things done on your own, and want to add something extra to your resume, consider taking some certified tech courses!

Get The Right Tech Training Today!

These 6 tips will ensure you enter your programming journey with the right approach. If you’re interested in learning to code with the help of an online course, check out our range of hundreds of online tech courses at You can even start studying now and pay later with interest free payments!

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